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Paul Courtaud

An entrepreneur since he was 16, Paul Courtaud is notably the co-founder of Neobrain, a start-up created in 2018 to anticipate changes in the job market thanks to AI. After a double degree at HEC Lausanne and Sciences Po Paris, Paul Courtaud completed his MBA at Harvard University in "Industrial Organizational Psychology". In June 2016, Paul Courtaud became president of the association R.E.D. (Réseau emploi durable) with the mission of federating actors who have carried out remarkable actions for the professional integration of disabled workers.

From 2018 at age 22, Paul co-founded Neobrain with the goal of giving each individual a compass to manage their career in a rapidly changing world. That same year, he sold his first company (Futurness) to the L'Etudiant group to focus on developing Neobrain. Today, Neobrain has a hundred employees in France, Portugal and Germany.

In addition, Paul bought the Cercle Humania (HR Think Tank with 600 HRDs of the largest French organizations) with Guillaume Sarkozy, in 2021. Paul is also a reservist in the GIGN.

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