The 5 start-ups selected to integrate The Factory.

With the 5 start-ups integrated in The factory, Neobrain's gas pedal, our clients can interconnect a complete digital HR ecosystem
The 5 tart-ups that form "The Factory" ecosystem
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Press release, July 21, 2022 - Last May, Neobrain launched The Factory, to federate and interconnect an ecosystem of complementary HR solutions. With this project, the scale-up wants to provide HR departments with a clear map of available solutions and the links that can exist between them. Within a few weeks, Neobrain received about twenty applications. After several selection phases, including the famous Pitch stage in front of a jury composed of HRDs, analysts, partners and industry professionals, 5 start-ups were selected. Jeekan, Offishall, Pitchboy, Reflect and TestUnMétier will join The Factory in September.

For this first year, Neobrain has selected startups with complementary positions to its expertise. But they are also players involved in subjects that are of great concern to HRDs: mastering data , which has become truly strategic in recent years, managing new ways of working, reducing the carbon footprint of companies - corporate eco-mobility, mobility - via immersion - professional (internal or external) or the creation of new learning formats such as " immersive learning "...

Who are they? Why them?

Jeekan in the press

Startup with impact, Jeekan offers a SaaS solution to analyze and optimize all employee travel within the company. Jeekan intends to meet a simple but ambitious objective: reduce and decarbonize work-related travel!


‍"We are delighted to be joining The Factory this fall! We are convinced that the decarbonization of mobility and the improvement of employees' daily commute are now perceived as major issues for HR departments. Our technology and our way of using HR data have already convinced many companies. With Neobrain, we share a common vision of assigning the right skills, at the right place, at the right time. We are counting on The Factory to accelerate the deployment of our solution with a strong social and environmental impact within companies", explains Sarah Bagland, Co-founder & CEO of Jeekan.

Offishall logo

Founded at the end of 2020, the startup Offishall intends to respond to the new organizational issues caused by the health crisis: hybrid work, flex-office, deserted or, on the contrary, crowded offices, difficulties in bringing together and leading teams... To do so, Offishall has developed a planning tool that simplifies the management of employees according to their work place, office, home or third place, a solution for HR, managers and employees!

"The Factory shares our vision of HR Tech as a hybrid and innovative market that is constantly evolving because it is directly linked to new societal trends. We are convinced that, in order to move forward, HR Services and IS must work hand in hand. Neobrain and Offishall have a common ground in the world of HR tech. The possibilities of combining our expertise are endless: identify, support and develop skills employees in a hybrid work world for starters! Being accompanied and supported by a scale-up like Neobrain will allow us to continue to convince as many people as possible! says Audrey BARBIER-LITVAK, CEO and co-founder of Offishall.

PITCHBOY has developed a technology based on " immersive learning ". Their voice recognition technology coupled with conversational mode immerses the employee in a realistic environment. Thus, they live a real "learning by doing " experience. Their technology is aimed at companies (HR departments, training managers) but also at training organizations, academies, trainers and independent designers.

"We applied to The Factory because we see a lot of synergies with Neobrain. Today, the skills that we will identify and the ones we will train employees on are the ones companies want and are looking for. Thanks to The Factory, PITCHBOY and Neobrain have a unique value proposition, centered around conversational experiences, the real development of skills and data. We look forward to working with their teams," said Homeric DE SARTHE, President of PITCHBOY.

Reflect logo

Created earlier this year, Reflect provides HR departments with easier and clearer access to their HR data. The tool integrates with HR software to extract and cleanse data in order to deliver automated dashboards and KPIs, as well as a single source of truth.

"We are very enthusiastic about the idea of integrating the Neobrain gas pedal, for several reasons. The first is technological, because when we met with the Neobrain team, we wanted to create a common connector to make our tool easier to integrate. The second reason is commercial. We have just launched the project and it is certain that an alliance with Neobrain will be a real plus. They will be present on the skills side and we will complement their expertise on the data visualization side! says Léopold ADAM, CEO of Reflect.

Founded in 2016 by Carine Celnik, TestUnMétier is a startup specialized in professional immersion. It deploys comprehensive solutions to support current employees or job seekers in their professional projects. It is the originator of 3 customizable solutions dedicated to internal mobility, external mobility and professional retraining.

"Neobrain identifies jobs and skills, TestUnMétier then allows you to test them in practice by meeting professionals in the targeted jobs and thus accelerate the process of professional development. Paul and I share the same vision of what the HR challenges of the next few years will be! The association between Neobrain and TestUnMétier allows us to put AI at the service of people. Our synergies are obvious! We can't wait to get started and join The Factory alongside the 4 other start-ups. attests Carine CELNIK, CEO of TestUnMétier.

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"By launching this project, we wanted to federate to meet a real need of HRDs: to better understand the HR solutions available on the market and to best exploit the scope of these solutions so that they can have consolidated data while offering more engaging paths to their employees! We chose these 5 HRTech players because they complement each other and because their positioning is in line with the current challenges facing HR professionals", concludes Paul Courtaud, CEO and founder of Neobrain.

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