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Create the conditions for performance through clarity of objectives, evaluation, and personalization of development plans.
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Increase employee performance

Neobrain erkennt Motivationen und schlägt für jeden Mitarbeiter individuelle Schulungen zur Leistungssteigerung vor. Die Kommunikation zwischen Manager und Mitarbeiter wird verbessert und die Leistungsbeurteilung objektiver..


It is the productivity gain of an employee whose motivations are really taken into account.

Source: Gallup study -State of the Global Workplace, 2021

Our platform designed for the
HR performance

  • Set up a reference system in which skills and motivations are intimately linked.
  • Measure the motivation and skills of your employees through self-declaration, and make these data reliable through other sources of information.
  • Provide a user experience by synchronizing every piece of data in your HR information system.
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  • Visualize the gap between your company's capabilities and needs at skills .
  • Allocate the best talent for each position and strategic project.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your employees by offering them adapted positions and training.
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  • Offer a multimodal training catalog adapted to your employees' needs.
  • Facilitate the rise in skills by offering microlearning actions.
  • Support your employees by measuring the evolution of their performance and their continuous development.
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  • Offer more visibility to your employees by displaying your internal jobs and the proximity with their wishes of evolution.
  • Distribute internal assignments to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Give them access to resources that will guide them in their choice of developments.
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Customize the career path offer
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The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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