Increase individual performance

Creating an environment for optimal performance through clear goal setting, effective evaluation, and personalized development plans.<br>
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Direct your HR policy towards prioritizing the consideration of motivations.

Increase employee performance

Neobrain identifies employee motivations and recommends customized training programs to enhance performance. This fosters smoother communication between managers and employees and promotes more objective performance measurement.


represents the increase in productivity in performance growth from employees whose motivations are genuinely considered.

Source: Gallup study -State of the Global Workplace, 2021

Comprehensive Solutions designed for HR performance.

  • Establish a framework where skills and motivations are closely interconnected.
  • Measure the motivation and skills of your employees through self-declaration, validate this data with other sources of information.
  • Create a user experience by synchronizing each data point from your HR information system.
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  • Visualize the disparity between your company's skill capacities and needs. 
  • Assign the best talents to each strategic position and project.
  • Maximize your employees' effectiveness by offering them well-suited roles and training opportunities.
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  • Provide a tailored catalog of multimodal training programs to meet your employees' needs.
  • Simplify skills development through microlearning initiatives.
  • Support your employees by measuring the progress of their performance and continuous development.
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  • Increase transparency for your employees by showcasing internal job opportunities aligned with their career aspirations.
  • Allocate internal assignments that align with your organization's requirements..
  • Provide access to resources that assist employees in making informed decisions regarding their professional growth.
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The Three Core pillars 

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Visualize all mobility trajectories

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Recommend relevant and effective training programs.
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Customize career paths to meet individual goals and aspirations.<br>
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The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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