Anticipating the loss of skills

How to collect and utilize all HR data in order to prevent future skill loss? Establish a link between the knowledge transmission processes and 'upskilling' training needs for the successors thus ensuring the retainability of knowledge.
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Anticipating the loss of skills

Thanks to its dynamic mapping, Neobrain gives you the means to visualize the skills risks. Define your HR policy to carry out mobility, training, transfers or recruitment and thus fight against these risks.


Of the French workforce will be retired by 2030. Thanks to Neobrain, set up a succession plan to avoid future skill shortage!

Source: Conseil d'orientation des retraites projection, 2019

Our management system skills to serve your
HR agility

  • Create a dynamic inventory of skills to identify skill availability in your company, and update it in real-time.
  • Combine identified skills with employees’ development aspirations, to better anticipate future loss of skills.
  • Identify skill shortages today and tomorrow.
Illustration of the HRIS skills library
  • Launch people reviews in a few clicks to assess the professional situation of all your employees.
  • Anticipate at-risk profiles by observing more than 95 disengagement factors among employees.
  • Quickly obtain an initial risk matrix view by business unit and/or by roles.
Illustration of the evolution of the HRIS workforce
  • Limit the impact of departures through the development of potential-based succession plans.
  • Propose a support plan for the identified collaborators to ensure the best chances of success.
  • Visualize your succession plans at every level of your organization.
Illustration of the HRIS succession plan
  • Support the organization collectively and strengthen the transmission of skills.
  • Offer individual training paths to limit shortages skills.
  • Benefit from a detailed quantitative and qualitative planning of your resources.
Illustration of the HRIS profile/position match

The 3 keys to safeguarding your strategic skills 

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Visualize all mobility trajectories

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Adopt the practices of the learning company
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Promote the transmission of strategic skills
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The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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