Talent Marketplace

Empower your talents by giving them control over their career paths

Unlock engagement by providing visibility into internal growth opportunities. Give recognition to your talented individuals by leveraging their skills and aspirations to build customized career paths and training programs.
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Performance continuous enhancement

Career Planner

Envision meaningful career paths.

Enable every talent to discover tailor-made career paths in a central space: their Internal Talent Marketplace. Managers access their team's career plans intuitively. Close support becomes a reality throughout the year, not just at annual appraisal interviews.

Unifying objectives
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Move towards a more flexible and transparent approach to salary control, to get your managers and talent more involved. You'll have a real-time bonus forecasting dashboard based on target achievements. Rely on detailed and reliable exports before salary payments.

Contribute to giving meaning to objectives designed between employees and managers. Deploy different levels of granularity using OKRs (Objective Key Results). Encourage collective success through constant monitoring of achievements, suggestions for objectives, and ongoing evaluation.

360° feedback with Neobrain

Profile & Jobs Matching

Capitalize on internal opportunities to help your staff grow

Give more visibility to all your internal offers, so that your employees can imagine new career plans. Neobrain's AI sends each employee new opportunities based on their preferences and experience. It learns from each person's behavior to propose personalized offers, whether for internal mobility, mentoring or short-term assignments.

The power of constructive feedback
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Stimulate a growth mindset, viewing feedback as the cornerstone of personal and professional development.
Meet the"immediacy" imperative demanded by employees: employees have one-click access to personalizede-learning recommendations on their cell phone or computer.

Pulse HR support for growth

Development Plan

Supercharge your team's skill development

Empower your managers and employees to influence their careers through personalized development plans. Track the progress of action plans using intuitive activity lists. You can precisely monitor the evolution of skills for each target population.

Active listening for weak signals
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Listen to your employees' voices: give them the power to share their well-being, emotions and opinions whenever THEY want to, not when YOU decide.

Pay particular attention to the"moments that count" for them in their professional life and career: their integration, their mobility, their return from parental leave...

People review and outputs

Profile & Training Matching

Customize training for enhanced effectiveness

Tailor your HR development offer to the preferences, skills and methods most beneficial to each talent. This individualized approach boosts organizational performance and the efficiency of your investments.

The intelligence of our"Talent Marketplace " solution is a compass for relevant training and professional orientation. Not only does performance increase, but everyone's involvement in your new tool becomes a lever for commitment.

Talents in control of their own development
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Offer levers for defining and monitoring development activities based on two axes:

  • Progress objectives: upskilling, reskilling, personal development, role evolution, etc.

  • Training method: on-site training, e-learning, mentoring, observation, involvement in one-off projects, etc.

Encouraged and supported by their manager, employees can draw up a development plan in line with their professional aspirations and needs.

A new way of building career paths
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Reduce turnover by offering transparent tools that fuel their next career steps. Not only are the next steps visible, but the path to get there is mapped out with the support of managers and HR teams.
This approach provides HR teams with valuable information on the aspirations of each talent population. Succession and mobility plans respond to the combined wishes of employees and the company.

Adjusting the frequency of assessments
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Appraisals should adapt to the work of your employees and the rhythm of your organization, not the other way round. It's time to give managers the ability to assess everyone's contribution at the most opportune moment, and the intuitive tool that makes them want to prepare and share their feedback to get the most out of their exchanges.

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Mobility Hub

Plug the talent leak with smart retention strategies

Equip your recruiters with an intelligent tool to identify relevant internal employees for your job offers. The solution enables you to verify the skills and motivations of the talents detected, so as to offer them the right opportunities. A new culture takes root, in which managers play their part in boosting mobility. In this way, you create the conditions for increased loyalty, while reducing recruitment time and costs.

All our integrations
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Neobrain helps you create your HR ecosystem

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Short-Term Assignments

Mobilize the right talents promptly and effectively

Streamline the rapid creation of teams by seizing opportunities in the talent marketplace, thus breaking down organizational silos. Allocate the right resources to all your projects, based on your employees' skills and motivations. Talent Management takes on a concrete dimension: with Neobrain, you have an intuitive solution to simplify and fluidify the creation of agile teams.

We will also outline a framework you can adopt to optimize your investments.

Ignite the full potential of your internal workforce : our Talent Marketplace boosts internal mobility by an astounding 60% within a year. It offers unparalleled visibility to opportunities for career advancement.
"Through its transformative "Jobs in Motion" project, Natixis has implemented Neobrain.We now succeed in giving employees unprecedented opportunities to grow into jobs they aspire to, while aligning with strategic objectives."
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