Talent Marketplace

Reveal your employees by making them actors of their careers

Visibility into internal development opportunities is the number one driver of engagement. Value your talents by capitalizing on their skills and aspirations to create personalized career paths and training.
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Career Planner

Imagine the trajectories that make sense

Allow each talent to discover the different career paths tailored to support their evolution. Managers have access to their team's career plans and can coach them throughout the year and during annual reviews.

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Profile & Jobs Matching

Promote your opportunities to retain your employees

Give more visibility to all your internal offers to allow your employees to imagine new career plans. Our AI delivers new opportunities to each employee based on their preferences and experiences. It learns from each employee's behavior to make personalized offers.

Development Plan

Accelerate your team's rise to skills

Empower your managers and employees to create a personalized development plan. Track the progress of action plans on a regular basis with intuitive activity lists. You can accurately monitor the progress of your team.

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Profile & Training Matching

Individualize training for greater efficiency

Offer your employees individualized training to effectively develop their skills and strengthen the performance of your organization. With the intelligence of our solution, your employees are guided towards relevant training to enable them to perform in their professional activity.

Mobility Hub

Stopping the talent drain

Equip your recruiters with an intelligent tool to identify internally the relevant employees for your job offers. The solution allows you to verify the skills and motivations of your talents to offer them the right opportunities. You ensure the satisfaction of your employees while reducing recruitment time and costs.

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Short-Term Assignment

Mobilize the right people quickly skills

Facilitate team building by taking advantage of talent marketplace opportunities to de-silo your organization. Allocate the right resources to all your projects based on the skills and motivations of your employees. With Neobrain, you have an intuitive solution to simplify and streamline the creation of agile teams

On average, the visibility offered by the Talent Marketplace increases internal mobility by 60% in less than a year.
On average, the visibility offered by the Talent Marketplace increases internal mobility by 60% in less than a year.
"Through its "Jobs in Motion" project, Natixis has implemented Neobrain with the goal of giving employees the opportunities to grow into jobs they aspire to, while aligning with strategic objectives."
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