Facing uncertainties

Differentiate through the intelligence of a SWP platform, transforming uncertainties into opportunities and competitive advantages.
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New challenges

Don't observe uncertainties anymore:
anticipate them!

Coping with uncertainty

Go beyond static knowledge of your talent, leverage external data to anticipate the future. With Neobrain, make consolidated decisions based on data from our AI. Contribute actively to the transformation of your company.


of jobs from 2030 do not exist today.

Source: "Dell Technologies and "Institute of the Future" study.

Machine learning to support your

  • Create and enrich your repository quickly thanks to the suggestions of the Neobrain AI (51,000 skills updated daily).
  • Visualize the gaps between your internal skills and those of your sector to define your HR action plans.
  • Follow the evolution of the emerging skills and make the right decisions between recruitment, development and external contracting.
Illustration of the evolution of the HRIS workforce
  • Benefit from an observatory of skills and jobs in the territories and periods of your choice.
  • Visualize the evolution of the jobs in tension in your sector of activity by using Neobrain AI.
  • Determine which professions and skills are the ones of the future to anticipate the necessary transformations of your organization.
Illustration of the HRIS skills library
  • Anticipate employee departures based on the predictive models developed by Neobrain.
  • Rely on proven indicators of staff movement (staffing needs, mobility plans, retirements, recruitment plans, etc.).
  • Identify skills at risk to adjust your recruitment and training plans.
Illustration of the HRIS succession plan
How to do it

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predictive management

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The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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