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From competence to collective performance

NEOBRAIN uses Artificial Intelligence to anticipate and facilitate strategic HR decisions.

Because an agile organization requires agile human capital, by individualizing the relationship with each employee, our technology makes him/her adhere, make him/her actor and autonomous.

NEOBRAIN is the alliance of HR and technological expertise.


Accelerate the transformation process

By compressing the 6 major steps of a transformation process, NEOBRAIN enables companies and individuals to succeed in the era of continuous transformation.


Artificial intelligence at the service of people and companies

Making the labour market more accessible

With 54 million ads analyzed daily in 50 countries and 600 aggregated observatories, our AI detects new skills and maps the evolution of jobs.

Facilitate strategic decision making

Our AI is trained to detect weak signals and facilitate workforce planning or prioritization of the training plan.

Powerful. Intuitive. 

User experience at the centre

With 4x more UX designers than the average in our sector, we attach particular importance to the user experience.

Pleasure & gaming

A creator of dopamine, the NEOBRAIN Suite is designed to generate commitment.

Designed by experts

The alliance of HR expertise and technical experts

Our solutions are co-constructed with a scientific committee composed of recognized HR experts and Artificial Intelligence researchers.

Scalable and based on solid customer feedback

Every quarter we lead strategic committees with about ten HR managers to challenge our solutions.

Is your business changing?

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