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Encourage the engagement and retention of your talent with Talent Management best practices.
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Neobrain's AI allows you to individualise your relationships with your talent by better understanding their expectations. Our solution provides managers with the tools to build loyalty and engage employees in personalized career paths.


Employees say that they would stay with their company longer if it invested in their professional training.

Source: Workplace Learning Report, LinkedIn.

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  • Knowing its distinctive skills is a factor of engagement for the employees.
  • Having your strengths recognized by your manager and colleagues increases loyalty to your organization.
  • Link the ambitions of your employees to the development objectives of your organization.
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  • Easily create engaging individual and group review campaigns to achieve 100% engagement on these key moments.
  • Communicate all your HR data in a common talent management database to make your decisions more reliable.
  • Align organizational goals with team and individual goals.
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  • Focus your training programs on skills strategic to the organization.
  • Integrate the motivation of employees to develop these specific skills and gain in efficiency.
  • Suggest to your talents the trainings that contribute the most to the building of their career plan.
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  • Give your employees more visibility by giving them access to the positions and missions whose skills are closest to their skills and motivations.
  • Synchronize individual interview data with the most relevant training and development suggestions.
  • Give them access to resources that will guide them in their choice
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