Fight against the obsolescence of skills

The lifespan of a skill is significantly reduced. How to face the phenomenon of obsolescence and maintain the employability of employees with efficiency?
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Fight against the obsolescence of skills

Neobrain provides an ontology of 51,000 skills updated daily to prevent the risk of obsolescence. The transversality of your skills, the culture of continuous HR development will be the weapons of your collective performance.


Current jobs are at risk of becoming obsolete in the next 5 years.

Source: Cegos European Barometer "Transformations, skills and Learning", 2020 edition

Machine Learning in support of
continuing education

  • Establish a diagnosis of the risk of automation in your businesses to anticipate their transformation more quickly.
  • Enrich your skills database with external data provided by our solution.
  • Promote a transparent evaluation system through the culture of feedback to visualize deviations from the skill levels achieved and expected.
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  • Extend the support options to other training methods than your catalog: coaching, mobile learning, gamification, micro-learning, ...
  • Individualize the training methods for improved performance and better involvement of your employees.
  • Evaluate achievements through a culture of transparency and the simplicity of a tool anchored in everyday life.
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  • Compose the skills repositories with cross-cutting skills with a longer life span.
  • Strengthen the adequacy of skills to future challenges through specific development objectives.
  • Encourage regular internal mobility that stimulates the acquisition of new skills.
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  • Get employees to buy into the value of preparing their annual performance reviews
  • Consolidate the relevance and results of people reviews by enriching HR data
  • Provide real-time visibility on the achievement of objectives by involving them in their completion
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