Making employees active players in their careers

Empower employees to build their careers through the experience of using a talent marketplace.
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Strategic Workforce Planning

Making employees active players in their careers

Your employees want to know more about their skills and the career paths offered by their company. Accompany them with an intuitive tool that enhances their motivations and draws engaging and new career paths.


Employees say they are more autonomous thanks to digital HR tools

Source: Ifop "Digital Workplace" Barometer. 2020.

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HR policy

  • Offer more visibility to your employees by displaying your internal job repository.
  • Facilitate the construction of career plans in line with your employees' professional wishes.
  • Give them access to resources to guide them in their evolution.
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  • Suggest relevant training to help them develop strategic and forward-looking skills .
  • Measure the impact of training on individual and collective skills levels.
  • Support your employees in reaching their objectives by offering a digital follow-up in real time.
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  • Benefit from a tool that tracks all stages of the employee life cycle: from onboarding to exit.
  • Avoid double entries in the supports by keeping the comments of each interlocutor: manager - HR and employees.
  • Give your employees the keys to become actors in the construction of their development, at every stage of their career.
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