Empower employees to drive their careers

Promote the independence of employees in shaping their careers through a user-friendly talent marketplace experience.
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<span>Empower employees to drive their careers</span>
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Harness the opportunities of your Strategic Workforce Planning 

Making employees active players in their careers

Equip your employees with an intuitive tool that helps them gain insights into their skills and explore the diverse career paths available within your organization. Host a supportive environment where they can discover engaging and novel career trajectories, all while emphasizing their motivations.


of employees have experienced increased autonomy through the use of digital HR tools.

Source: Ifop "Digital Workplace" Barometer. 2020.

Our software solution to accelerate your HR policy

  • Give your employees greater visibility by displaying your internal job repository in a Talent Marketplace.
  • Simplify the development of career plans that align with your employees' professional aspirations.
  • Give them access to resources to guide them in their internal evolution.
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  • Suggest all relevant learning modalities to help them develop strategic and forward-looking skills .
  • Bring together all development opportunities in a single, mobilizing space.
  • Measure the impact of HR support on individual and collective skills levels.
  • Support your employees in achieving their objectives by offering real-time digital monitoring.
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  • Eliminate duplicate data entry across various platforms while preserving comments and feedback from all stakeholders, including managers, HR, and employees.
  • Benefit from a tool that contributes to employee performance and commitment from induction to exit.
  • Motivate your employees to take ownership of their development and actively contribute to shaping their career.
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3 Strategies to enhance career path management

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Customize individual training paths
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Individualize suggestions and support
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Provide transparency of career progression
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The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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