Skills' Mapping

Enhance your organization's growth by crafting a skills map. Leverage strategic and emerging skills to envision and shape the future of your company.
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Skills Mapping
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Skills Mapping

The creation of dynamic business repositories and skills is the driving force behind sustainable skills management. Simplify this process and meet the requirements of Jobs & Skills Management. Enrich your data skills with Neobrain to project your organization towards the professions and skills of tomorrow.


of jobs from every economic sector will face drastic changes between now and 2030. Stay ahead of emerging skills and talent.

Source: The Observatory of The Skill 2022

Our method for your peace of mind

  • Take advantage of our methodological expertise to guide you every step of the way in improving your Management of skills.
  • Define the future strategic skills and edge of your organization by integrating all stakeholders to the process through workshops.
  • Use Neobrain's Artificial Intelligence to continuously enrich and update your HR base and map skills .
Neobrain Methodology
  • Integrate the specific features of your organization into your skills repository: lexicon, graphic charter, adaptation to your current HRIS.
  • Bank on on a combination of your internal data and external information sources to create dynamic and scalable maps.
  • Define your organizational objectives from the very first steps of your approach, and make the necessary trade-offs to ensure the framework reliability .
Skills Library Job and Skills
  • Visualize the skills skills to be strengthened, the bridges between professions and the areas of mobility with the most intuitive tool on the market:"AI Skills Management".
  • Build indicators geared towards your objectives and your users: HR management, HR specialists, local managers...
  • Map out your entire HR strategy seamlessly: recruitment, development objectives, talent marketplace, high potential, succession planning…
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