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Press release, September 7, 2022 - Through this acquisition, Neobrain expands its functional scope, particularly in the field of Strategic Workforce Planning. More than a hundred companies already use Neobrain. The scale up has thus strengthened its expertise to offer the most complete talent management solution and skills on the market. Neobrain has thus become the French and European reference for Talent Management: from the precise mapping of skills available internally to the identification of new skills to be acquired in order to remain successful, and including the support of employees in their career plans.

A common vision of HR transformations and challenges

What vision do Wiser Skills and Neobrain share?

Both convinced that skills are at the heart of the concerns of HR, managers and employees, the Neobrain and WiserSKILLS teams will use their respective expertise to address the main issues of tomorrow in terms of HR transformation: optimizing internal mobility processes, motivating employees through more engaging career paths, or the rise of tools such as the Strategic Workforce Planningwhich enables recruitment to be anticipated, the list of skills to be acquired or which enables employees to be offered more mobility in order to increase their loyalty.

Paul Courtaud, founder of Neobrain

"Our predictive solution, as for skills, will complete the expertise of WiserSKILLS to map, in a fine way, the available skills . This merger is therefore both natural from a product point of view and judicious from a strategic point of view. Thanks to this acquisition, we will be able to offer companies the most complete Talent Marketplace platform on the French and European market.

This will enable us to position ourselves on key issues for companies, in particular Strategic Workforce Planning, a real problem for the organizations that are most advanced in their HR transformation", says Paul Courtaud, CEO and founder of Neobrain.

Jean-Bernard Girault, founder of Wiser Skills

"We are delighted to join Neobrain. We have been working on similar projects for a long time, so it now seems appropriate to work together on the HR challenges of tomorrow. The many synergies between the platforms will enable us to offer new functionalities to our customers, to accelerate product innovation and to create a leader that cannot be ignored on a European scale", adds Jean-Bernard Girault, CEO of Neobrain.adds Jean-Bernard Girault, Co-founder of WiserSKILLS.

‍Complementary talents and know-how, serving innovation!

There are many similarities in the scope of Neobrain and WiserSKILLS' activities: the mapping of skills is a good example. But there are also, and this is what explains this acquisition, many complementarities. If Neobrain excels in identifying and valuing skills but also the motivations and skills of employees. WiserSKILLS, on the other hand, is strongly positioned on Strategic Workforce Planning. These complementarities will make the Neobrain and WiserSKILLS teams leaders in Talent Management, in France and in Europe.

To ensure this leadership position in France and in Europe, innovation will continue to be at the heart of the product strategy. The acquisition of WiserSKILLS will allow us to strengthen our R&D to stay ahead of the game. To this end, Carole Menguy, co-founder of WiserSKILLS, will join Neobrain as Chief Product Officer . Together, the teams will move forward more quickly on major issues, such as Strategic Workforce Planning, as well as several projects on which HRDs have real expectations.

Carole Menguy Houel, CPO Neobrain

"Like Neobrain, we at WiserSKILLS cultivate a culture of innovation. Given the evolution of the market and HR environment of companies, they will have to rely on solid and increasingly reliable tools, thanks to AI. That's what we're working on: we'll all be working together quickly on major issues", concludes Carole Menguy.Carole Menguy Houel, Co-founder of WiserSkills and now CPO, Chief Product Officer of Neobrain, concludes.

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Founded in 2018 by Paul Courtaud, a young entrepreneur who was only 22 years old at the time, NEOBRAIN is a startup specializing in the use of AI to serve the management of skills and Workforce Planning. It is at the origin of a technology (platforms and application) that allows to anticipate skills emerging and to identify gaps with available resources. Among its 100 clients: SAGE, TotalEnergies and BOSCH... In 2022, the company raised more than 20M€ in order to continue its growth and, in two years, went from 15 to nearly 100 employees spread between Paris and Lisbon. More information on

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Founded in 2016, by Carole Menguy Houel and Jean-Bernard Girault, WiserSKILLS offers solutions that help anticipate and succeed in its HR transformation. From the mapping of skills to the support of employees in the construction and implementation of their professional project, the tools offered by WiserSKILLS allow HR to build an effective Talent Management strategy. With nearly twenty people in its teams, HR Tech supports major accounts such as La Poste Group, Société Générale, Groupama, Caisse d'Epargne, EDF and SNCF. More information on