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The world of work is becoming more and more demanding, and skills are changing more rapidly. In order to remain competitive, it is necessary to have specificskills . These skills distinguish the talents of a company, but they are rarely known and updated by HR teams. That's why having an intuitively updated mapping will enrich discussions during management committees and facilitate training programs. How do you go about it with an HRIS?

Why determine your list of skills ?

Establishing a list of skills and know-how is all the more beneficial to the company that employs you. It allows the company to identify the position that best suits you and thus promotes its performance. It saves time for the company's HR personnel. It is a help that you bring to his work. It is easier for them to follow your work.
Also, it is a way for the company to resort to the creation of new positions. A successful company must be able to adapt to the realities of its market. In the event that a position becomes obsolete, it must be able to think of a way to update it. Determining your list of qualifications also allows the company to identify the positions that best match your profile and thus, to proceed with internal mobility if necessary.

Establishing a list highlighting your assets will not only help you in the moment. Doing so using an HRIS is above all an innovative approach. It allows you to evolve and adapt to the business world. It is important to have even a basic grasp of the subject.
Adapting to the realities of the field, listening to employees and business experts will enable you to structure a map that is really used by all HR protagonists.

We will also outline a framework you can adopt to optimize your investments.

Adopt a hybrid HR mapping approach

Today, some editors propose to upload skills from the users themselves and thus save time. This is a good idea, however it is illusory to think that an accountant knows all of these skills.

Which mapping method should be recommended?

We recommend a hybrid mapping method that combines the bottom-up approach with the standard top-down pathway.

Based on their experience, employees add their skills to their profiles. At the same time, HR project teams, together with business experts and Business Unit managers, are building the essential know-how, the cross-functional and emerging skills for each business.

This reasoning is the one that allowed a luxury player to rationalize and make more coherent a 4200 skills cartography, which had become obsolete.

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Use a mapping solution for skills

The establishment of an index of knowledge and know-how is a task that is generally entrusted to the HR director of a company. However, it is more relevant to build a governance team whose vocation is to perpetuate the upstream work and to ensure the good use of the mapping. You can do this with the help of an HRIS. This is a set of resources that facilitate the management of a company's human resources.

This set of means is put in place thanks to the computerization of human resources management. The HRIS is a set of software. You can therefore, within the framework of the determination of your list of skills, use a platform for this purpose. This type of software is available in quite a variety of forms. Depending on which one you choose, you can have various and specific functionalities.
Some of them will allow you, for example, to carry out a global evaluation of individual and collective skills by your own means. This system is based on self-declaration. The mapping of skills allows you to proceed to a complete exploration of your skills and professional qualities. It is a method that promotes the qualities that you have. In other words, this task allows you to highlight your list of skills and know-how, what you are good at.

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