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How can we revitalize skills management?

Our software makes it easy to analyze and map skills dynamically and reliably, while anticipating emerging talent. Team up with the partner who guarantees you a head start.

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performance and engagement linkage
They give us their
Performance continuous enhancement

Jobs & Skills Manager

Update your skills framework in real time

Audit, create and upgrade your skills repositories with tailor-made support. Our technological and human know-how is your best asset for creating this foundation in record time! You get dynamic, multilingual skills management software that feeds itself with internal data and external insights. Take control of your human resources management.

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Unifying objectives
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Move towards a more flexible and transparent approach to salary control, to get your managers and talent more involved. You'll have a real-time bonus forecasting dashboard based on target achievements. Rely on detailed and reliable exports before salary payments.

Contribute to giving meaning to objectives designed between employees and managers. Deploy different levels of granularity using OKRs (Objective Key Results). Encourage collective success through constant monitoring of achievements, suggestions for objectives, and ongoing evaluation.

360° feedback with Neobrain

Skills Mapping

Maintain accurate and continuous mapping of your skills

Rely on Jobs & Skills Management , the most advanced software on the market: visualize in real time the skills that can be mobilized, and anticipate skills at risk , so that you can act on changes in your business.

Don't leave skill to chance: whether you're a newcomer to your sector or one that's losing ground, you're in control of your resource planning.

The skills mapping provides the basis for your HR actions, from the identification of essential skills upgrades to the most appropriate internal transfers.

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The power of constructive feedback
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Stimulate a growth mindset, viewing feedback as the cornerstone of personal and professional development.
Meet the"immediacy" imperative demanded by employees: employees have one-click access to personalizede-learning recommendations on their cell phone or computer.

Pulse HR support for growth

Test & Assessment

Objectively validate your teams' skills

Our skills management software gives you access to the best methods for assessing skills levels. Combined with 360° feedback, your reskilling programs finally become profitable.

The levels of skills are grouped together in a central tool for use by HR teams. Our AI's intelligent suggestions give you extra help to manage your business. Strategic Workforce Planning.

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Active listening for weak signals
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Listen to your employees' voices: give them the power to share their well-being, emotions and opinions whenever THEY want to, not when YOU decide.

Pay particular attention to the"moments that count" for them in their professional life and career: their integration, their mobility, their return from parental leave...

People review and outputs

Data Hub

Easily track key HR performance indicators

Benefit from personalized reporting to facilitate decision-making by HR and managers. The managerial relay of HR policies becomes a reality thanks to a better understanding of each talent's preferences. Development and performance objectives come to life with more regular interaction between employees and managers.

Our'AI Skills Management' software skills identifies the key actions to be taken to optimize the performance of each employee.

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Talents in control of their own development
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Offer levers for defining and monitoring development activities based on two axes:

  • Progress objectives: upskilling, reskilling, personal development, role evolution, etc.

  • Training method: on-site training, e-learning, mentoring, observation, involvement in one-off projects, etc.

Encouraged and supported by their manager, employees can draw up a development plan in line with their professional aspirations and needs.

A new way of building career paths
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Reduce turnover by offering transparent tools that fuel their next career steps. Not only are the next steps visible, but the path to get there is mapped out with the support of managers and HR teams.
This approach provides HR teams with valuable information on the aspirations of each talent population. Succession and mobility plans respond to the combined wishes of employees and the company.

Adjusting the frequency of assessments
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Appraisals should adapt to the work of your employees and the rhythm of your organization, not the other way round. It's time to give managers the ability to assess everyone's contribution at the most opportune moment, and the intuitive tool that makes them want to prepare and share their feedback to get the most out of their exchanges.

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AI Skills Engine

Give meaning to each of your skills

Think of AI as an ally that adapts to your goals and learns to serve you better.

External data from companies in many sectors is the driving force behind your strategy in the face of the risk of obsolescence or loss of skills. Your internal rules are integrated into your skills management platform to ensure compliance with your culture and save you valuable time.

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All our integrations
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Neobrain helps you create your HR ecosystem

Discover our integrations
Revealing value: a key indicator
Thanks to Neobrain and its technology, each company uncovers 40% of previously hidden skills: mobilize 100% of your internal assets.

The Top-Rated Solution for Streamlined Skills Management, Endorsed by G2

Skills are evolving too rapidly to rely on merely 'acceptable' systems. Choose the pinnacle of efficiency with Neobrain!

Backed by a cutting-edge ontology, Neobrain assimilates the intelligence of your data to simplify the construction of dynamic repositories that are actually used. Your dynamic cartography offers you :

  1. An all-encompassing 360° insight into human potential.
  2. Seamless integration of emerging skills.

Stay ahead of the curve with AI-Enhanced Skills Management.

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Active listening for weak signals
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Listen to your employees' voices: give them the power to share their well-being, emotions and opinions whenever THEY want to, not when YOU decide.

Pay particular attention to the"moments that count" for them in their professional life and career: their integration, their mobility, their return from parental leave...

Like Sage, start with Neobrain your own success story

"With Neobrain each manager and HR team member has a real-time visualization of available and emerging skills to support Sage's development."
Marie-Claude Chazot, HR Director Sage International Markets
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Skills Intelligence
The preferred solution for companies with 1000+ employees

⏩ Your skills repository 4 times faster!

Skills Intelligence
The top choice for companies with 1000+ employees

⏩ Your skills repository 4 times faster!

Skills Intelligence
The top choice for companies with 1000+ employees

⏩ Your skills repository 4 times faster!

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What are the tools of good software Strategic Workforce Planning ?

A good software Strategic Workforce Planning should include the following tools:

  • Company organization chart: visualizing the organizational structure makes it easier to understand roles and hierarchical relationships, helping to identify potential gaps skills.
  • Job description: describing the responsibilities and skills required for each position facilitates the alignment of training and recruitment needs.
  • skills repository: listing the skills currently available and needed by the company ensures a match between skills, jobs and support.
  • Annual appraisal interview: this moment of exchange on performance, skills acquired skills and development needs speeds up the desired planning during a Strategic Workforce Planning.
  • Professional interview: this focus on the employee's long-term career development enables us to anticipate skills, training and mobility needs.
  • Training program: targeted training actions based on the know-how gaps identified through the other tools, ensure constant upgrading of the team's skills.

What tools can be used to measure skills?

HR teams have several tools at their disposal to measure skills :

  • Specific skills tests: Assessments designed to measure skills technical or professional skills specific to a field or position.
  • Assessments: More general tests that can assess skills cognitive, behavioral and technical aspects.
  • 360-degree feedback: A process where employees receive confidential feedback from supervisors, colleagues, and sometimes customers, offering a complete perspective on their interpersonal and professional skills .
  • Performance analysis: The regular assessment of performance by managers, helping to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Simulations and case studies: Practical scenarios that allow us to observe skills in action in situations that mimic real-life work challenges.
  • skills management platforms: Software specially designed to track and analyze employees' skills , offering precise insights and helping to make strategic decisions on training and professional development.

What is the main objective of the Strategic Workforce Planning ?

The Strategic Workforce Planningor Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et skills, is primarily aimed at aligning a company's human resources with its strategic needs and market changes. This approach makes it possible to coordinate the workforce, positions and skills required with the company's long-term objectives. It takes into account both external and internal factors:

  • External factors: technological developments, competition and market conditions.
  • Internal factors: organizational structures and cultures, human resources management policies, current leadership, etc.

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