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How can human and relational qualities be assessed objectively?

By integrating the skills behavioral in your repositories!

They have made a remarkable entry into the world of human resources! Motivation, curiosity, audacity, empathy... all of these " skills soft skills" have become very important in the selection of candidates. To the point of sometimes supplanting skills ...

The soft skills are all those behavioral qualities that are unique to each individual. These qualities can of course be put to good use in a job, and thus become skills. They enable human resources professionals to assess candidates' profiles, over and above their training and experience. They become real differentiating factors. But it's not always easy to assess a personality objectively...

If only soft skills could be integrated into the reference systems of skills which, by definition, gather a set of knowledge that can be put into practice and transmitted.

"This is the case," says Alain Ngassam, a teacher-researcher at the University of Lorraine. " Thanks to neuroscience, and major efforts to overcome the semantic difficulty, we have been able to define a certain number of skills behavioral systems that can be validated scientifically. To do so, they must meet several conditions: integrate consistency, be sensitive to the difference between profiles, be evaluated according to a graduated scale, learned and therefore taught, and finally validated in their content without being subject to personal appreciation."

The ability to prioritize tasks, adaptability and autonomy, the three most sought-after soft skills today, become observable and measurable. With Objectivity. Better yet, they can be acquired and reinforced. "Corporate training plans are increasingly integrating the learning of skills behavioral skills," emphasizes Alain Ngassam, also a consultant and trainer. "The programs of many schools also include it!

Are soft skills "know-how"?

Given the rapid evolution of professions and the uncertainty that still hangs over the professions of tomorrow, they are undoubtedly gaining ground. "The notion of a "job description" is outdated and will disappear in favor of job descriptions. And the "key" is skill . This is what guarantees access to employment and employability, the ability to evolve and adapt.

In the register of tomorrow's soft skills, it's not surprising that they include a sense of responsibility, the ability to work in a team and creativity. "They will eventually concern 25 sectors of activity, i.e. more than 2,200 professions. Qualities that are necessary to support change. skills which can already be detected and reinforced.

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