Establish the "internal mobility" reflex before external recruitment
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Internal recruitment is a major challenge and an undeniable asset for the company and its employees. 60% of employees would opt for internal mobility if they had the opportunity.

A real motivational lever, the mobility interview represents an asset for the "employer brand". Whether vertical, horizontal or geographical, internal evolution has many advantages in terms of career planning, recognition and loyalty. Internal recruitment is part of an efficient resource allocation policy. However, it is important for both the candidate and the recruiter to prepare the mobility interview with a well-structured argument.

Gain confidence

According to "Statista", a survey in December 2017 shows that 20% of those surveyed are not confident in performing this exercise.

These insecurities can make you doubt your skills and prevent you from setting ambitious goals. This is why it is important to work on your image and charisma. Your inner speech will contribute to your positivity. Try for example to list your qualities. Use the "Coué method" by suggesting to yourself that you are the best. Assert yourself and create contact. You can also call on coaching to help you in your approach.

During the mobility interview, pay attention to your body language and adapt the right posture. Sit facing the interviewer with your back straight and try to catch his or her eye. Greet them with an energetic handshake while maintaining eye contact. And finally, the basis of any successful interview: smile! If you believe in yourself, your recruiter will also believe in you.

Different types of mobility exist, we summarize them in our article:"Defining your internal mobility policy".

Highlight your skills and your soft skills

You must convince your supervisor of your ability to excel in the position. Highlight all of your professional achievements and develop your knowledge with concrete examples. skillsShowcase all of your professional achievements and expand on your knowledge with concrete examples. Be able to list future needs and position yourself on projects. Do not spare your human qualities or soft skills that are inseparable from your career and your success. These skills behavioral qualities make all the difference for more than half of the recruiters according to a study (Jobboard Monster). Your adaptability, your team spirit and your rigor will be assets that will give you an advantage.

Sell yourself without exaggeration. Don't forget your appearance and take care of your outfit by adapting the dress code to your profession. Avoid imposing accessories, wrinkled clothes and clothes you don't feel comfortable in.

Several skills are evaluated during a mobility interview.

We help you identify each of them in our Complete Page: The 4 categories of skills.

The 4 categories of skills for a mobility interview
The 4 categories of skills to put forward

Have a good vision of the position to be filled

It is essential that you understand your recruiter's expectations. Here are a few tips to help you prepare before your mobility interview:

  • Take the time to gather all possible information about the target position and its surroundings.
  • Emphasize that your effective integration will save the employer time. You are already fully aware of the company's culture and you adhere to it.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions that you have prepared beforehand, this shows your interest in the place and your sense of organization.
  • Always speak positively and don't complain about your current or previous work, but rather talk about a new professional momentum.

Express your motivation for the position

You have the chance to express your motivation in person, so take advantage of it. What is your added value?

Answer sincerely and be relevant. For example: "My previous position allowed me to acquire a certain amount of know-how that will allow me to be autonomous and I would now like to progress to higher positions. Or: "I want to contribute to the success of my company and I like a challenge".

List the personal qualities you will deploy to achieve your goals. Your motivation is the engine that will make you stand out. A company concentrates many opportunities that only need to be made more visible, which is what the"Talent Marketplace" offers. We suggest you follow the guide to its construction in our white paper.

Marketplace Talent Success White Paper

Understand your future environment

You must understand the stakes of this change of assignment. You can already make proposals and bring new ideas. Also anticipate your training needs. Are your qualifications in line with the position? Ask yourself the right questions and build your project. If the position calls for taking responsibility for employees, explain how you will build your new managerial identity to your former colleagues. Identify resistance to change and outline solutions.

Issues and purpose

Searching for internal resources means matching skills with needs by anticipating the environmental and technological changes that will impact the company.

In a fast-changing and ever-changing environment, it is a method that helps to control costs and to create real emulation within the teams.

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