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Identifying your professional skills is often a daunting task. Discover several tips in order to mage that career change a success.
Identify your assets before making a career change
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Professional reconversion is an option that more and more people are choosing. According to the DARES, 500,000 people have made a change in their career path in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Indeed, when you find yourself in a job where you don't feel very comfortable, the only real solution is to let it go and opt for another job. However, it is essential to evaluate yourself before taking this step. A successful career change depends on knowing your current skills skills in order to acquire new ones more easily.

How to identify your skills in a context of professional reconversion?

In order to identify its skills with a view to professional reconversion, the company has a role to play in evaluating the distinctive know-how of each individual. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the professional to be curious in order to assess his or her assets and the proximity of the skills necessary in the different perspectives envisaged.

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Ensure the need for retraining

Before embarking on a career change, you need to make sure that it's really your current job that no longer suits you, and not the company you work for. Career transition is a change of profession or status, not a change of company. Too many employees make this mistake, often unconsciously.

Career transition is a new stage in an individual's life that will lead to new experiences and opportunities. This desire may stem from the fact that your aspirations are not fulfilled by your current job or that you are unable to find a suitable job related to your current profession. Not finding a real opportunity or a health problem may also be sufficient reasons.

Above all, avoid deciding to change jobs because you hope to have better opportunities elsewhere. Your decision to change jobs must be based on concrete factors, pragmatic reasons, and realistic analyses. And the process can take from a few weeks to a few years.

Take stock of your assets and skills

When you are sure that you want to retrain, you should start by making a diagnosis of your skills. The idea is to produce a list that accurately reflects all of your skills, your know-how in various fields, in order to see how to direct them towards which sector of activity. When you don't have a clear list, you feel like you have your fingertips on skills. When you start to list them, it becomes clear that you are only aware of half of them. The assessment of skills allows you to have a better knowledge of yourself, to clarify your different expertises.

Choose a platform for skills

In order to identify the right platform for your career assessment at skills, you should take into account various elements related to your past, such as your usual work pace, your professional interests, the values you hold,... to envision your future. Note that the professional retraining services offered by coaches have a cost that can vary between 1000 and 3500 €. These services are very useful because they involve the use of certain computer tools that have the capacity to link your personality and your skills, to specific jobs that correspond to you.

Turn to Labour unions

The Association Pour l'Emploi des Cadres en France offers career development services to employees and private individuals, usually free of charge. Carried out by professional development advisors, this service is almost equivalent to the skills assessment. The aim is to draw up a document summarizing your future project and detailing the procedure for implementing it. It therefore has the merit of giving you a clear idea of the training options available to you, as well as the possibilities for collaboration, funding, etc.

Find out more about skills in demand

Once you have identified your preferred field after each of these steps, you need to do some research to get a clear idea of what positions are available on the market. Take the time every day to look at the online ads on specialized sites (Linkedin, etc.). This will allow you to easily find the one that fits your skills and that suits you according to many other criteria such as your locality of residence, your number of years of professional experience, etc. Whether you choose the mechanical or the aesthetic sector for example, make sure you have a passion for it. As Confucius said,"choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life".

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