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Did you apply outside of your area? Chances are the recruiter will interview you over Skype at first.‍

So how do you make a convincing skype interview?

‍Togive yourself every chance of success tell yourself first that you'll need to behave as you would in a face-to-face interview.Okay you're at home but banish personal décor as much as possible. Put your computer in a neutral place. Remove all posters and tidy up your desk. Dress as if you were going out, adopt the dress code of the profession for which you're applying, and stand up straight.

‍Is ittechnologically complicated?

‍It's pretty simple but don't neglect the technical aspect. Of course you check that you have the latest version of Skype, you will have the best efficiency. Test your microphone it is essential that you are heard well, the best audio quality will be with headphones.

‍Withor without a webcam?

‍It's better if you have a webcam the brightness will be better. You'll find a "test a Skype call" function in your Skype contacts. Plan to do your interview from a computer and master the "Screen sharing" and "Send file" options in case you're asked to write something down or solve a problem in writing.

‍ Iguess you have to be quiet?

‍Yes, close the window, isolate yourself and don't be disturbed explain to those around you that this is an important time for you.

‍Where are welooking?

‍Don't look at your image but at the recruiter's image and pay attention to what your whole upper body is seen, the movement of your hands makes your expression more explicit and dynamic. Finally show enthusiasm and give your best make your energy felt in your voice.

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