Neobrain Powers Safran's New Career and Mobility Platform

From Claire's vision of offering every employee, whatever their position, the same development opportunities to the TalentMarketplace: the secrets of collaboration.
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Safran chooses a platform dedicated to employee careers and mobility

  • Safran employs over 83,000 people, 50% of whom work in France, and 50% in some 30 countries around the world. 
  • Safran aims to boost its internal mobility and development strategy skills
  • The Group called on Neobrain, the French and European leader in Talent Management, to offer its employees a homogeneous, intuitive, cross-functional and straightforward solution to develop their skills, help them discover the positions available and guide them towards personalized career paths.

Mobility within Safran: A Key Strategic Focus 

In line with its strategic challenges, Safran wants to offer its employees around the world an application enabling them to "develop their skills and access all the offers available within the Group in a simple, shareable and transparent way . Stéphane Dubois, Vice President, Human and Social Responsibilities, Safran.

The international company's strategy is based on the following objectives: 

  • Accelerate mobility between different Group companies, in France and abroad, with greater transparency and visibility on available job offers.
  • Offer each employee a career-building application based on the development of his or her skills and motivations.

Safran chose Neobrain, a leading player in Talent Management in France and Europe, to implement a solution interfaced with their existing SAP database. 

"SELIA SKILLS: Safran's in-house Talent Marketplace solution from Neobrain

Neobrain has developed the "Selia Skills" platform for Safran. This platform, based on Neobrain's AI and its Talent Marketplacesolution, puts employees at the heart of the system, making them the driving force behind their careers. 

On the Selia Skills platform, accessible online, Safran employees can create their own profile, fill in their skills and motivations, and instantly visualize all the possibilities open to them within the Group, as well as the different paths they can take to make their career plans a reality. They will be alerted to job and assignment opportunities and have access to a matching system at skills.

Testimony of Stéphane Dubois on Neobrain's solution

Stéphane Dubois' viewpoint: an employability policy that creates value.

"The interface created will feed Safran's employability policy. We can testify to the fact that the homogenization of the solution and its cross-functionality create value almost immediately! Neobrain is now the central component of our future employee interface. We are very satisfied with the basis deployed and the potential for our employees.

The major advantage of the solution deployed, according to Stéphane Dubois, Safran's Director of Human and Social Responsibilities, is that it "covers all the Group's businesses, in all countries and for all employees".

For Paul Courtaud: a major challenge met, with already 70K employees involved in 13 countries.

"This collaboration with Safran is a great success for our teams. Accompanying a French technological flagship like Safran on this scale has taught us a lot. Many international players are faced with the same challenge: offering all employees attractive and motivating career paths". 

"We give HR managers instant visibility of the internal talent pool, and employees access to the full range of opportunities. With this collaboration, we are proving that we are able to help major international accounts implement an international development and internal mobility strategy."

Neobrain's additional advantage: a seamless interface with SAP systems.

One of Neobrain's strengths is its partnership with SAP Success Factors. For Safran, it was essential that these new functionalities interface seamlessly with its existing SAP databases. This enabled implementation in record time.

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