Neobrain, winner of the HR Tech Awards 2022!

Neobrain is a winner of the 2022 HR Tech Awards in the Talent Management category! Learn more about this award.
Neobrain wins HR Tech Awards: Talent Management
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The consulting and research firm LightHouse Research & Advisory has been organizing its HR Tech Awards since 2020, to reward the most innovative HR initiatives in various fields (training, recruitment, employee experience, etc.). This year, Neobrain, the originator of a SaaS solution for managing skills HR based on AI and Big Data, wins the award for the best innovation or emerging solution in the Talent Management category.

Neobrain recognized as the most innovative solution in the "Talent Management" category

The HR Tech Awards, organized by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, have been recognizing outstanding HR Tech companies every year since 2020.

The objective: to find one's way through the flood of emerging HR solutions and to distinguish the most promising ones, those that really respond to the day-to-day problems of companies and their HR. 

The awards are divided into 7 areas: 

  • Talent acquisition / recruitment
  • Talent management and skills
  • Rise in skills / talent development 
  • Core HR / Workforce
  • Employee experience
  • Quality of life at work 
  • Other (on emerging topics)‍

The Jury is composed of anonymous and independent members from the HR sector, the research world and experts (leaders, researchers...). The selection criteria include the relevance of the solutions to real HR issues, demos, feedback and the profile of the company behind the technology.

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, LHRA
"With so many solutions focused on skills, it was hard to imagine anyone coming up with a differentiating and innovative approach, but Neobrain did. With a simple, accurate, and readable gap analysis from skills that employees can access, tools to gauge individual strengths, and how they can leverage them in the future, Neobrain offers a new perspective on what Talent Management can do for the business and for teams." said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

Paul Courtaud - CEO of Neobrain
"We are honored to have our work recognized by an institution like Lighthouse Research & Advisory. It shows how our tools address real talent management issues. It also validates our vision of HR and our strategy based largely on R&D. We are confident that investing in research and development will keep us ahead of the curve and open up new challenges in the coming months. Once again, thank you to the Jury for recognizing who Neobrain is and where we want to go!Paul Courtaud, CEO of Neobrain.

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