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The human resources manager is on the front line when it comes to the transformation of professions and activities. He or she is required to know the emerging skills and to provide HR development programs with the skills that will guarantee the employability of employees.

What are the skills emerging skills that employees need to acquire? The emerging skills are composed of several fields: human metas skills,  cognitive skills, social skills, situational skills.

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The Human Meta skills

The head of human resources didn't wait for the word "skill " to pop up in every article before taking an interest. But he certainly didn't expect to be heckled on his turf: the soft skills. And yes, even there, he is challenged. New career managers must, for example, integrate the still little-known meta skills human skills such as :

  1. The ability to understand how the human brain works
  2. The ability to combine multiple intelligences
  3. The ability to identify the best solutions
  4. The ability to learn to learn / unlearn
  5. The ability to announce an event in advance by intuition

Cognitive skills

It is in this area that the evolution of skills is most visible. According to the report Automation, Digitization and Employment by the Conseil d'Orientation pour l'Emploi(COE), the skills listed below are designed to beef up our brains to make them more resilient, adaptable and learning:

  1. The ability to switch from one cognitive task to another, depending on the requirements
  2. The ability to imagine or construct and implement a new idea, a new object or to discover an original solution to a problem
  3. The ability to translate a large amount of data
  4. The ability to understand concepts from multiple disciplines
  5. The ability to critically evaluate new forms of media

Social Skills

Oh dear! Don't go so fast, you still have some work to do...

Yes, the job of the human resources manager is also evolving towards the identification of skills . These skills aim to cultivate our humanity and differentiate us from the intelligent automatons that will perform many tasks in the future.

It is these skills, turned towards others, that every manager and HR manager must master. These include:

  1. The ability to motivate and develop people in their role
  2. The ability to be open and attentive to the reactions of others
  3. The ability to adjust one's actions to those of others
  4. The ability to actively seek out different ways to help others
  5. The ability to seek consensus with others and try to reconcile different points of view

Situational Skills

And finally, to top it all off, the skills of tomorrow must enable everyone to move around in their environment and optimize their resources. It is about skills putting a given situation into perspective to turn it to one's advantage:

  1. The ability to consider the costs and benefits of possible actions
  2. The ability to develop skills to solve new problems
  3. The ability to work productively as a member of a virtual team
  4. The ability to set a concrete and achievable objective for each activity  
  5. The ability to adapt one's communication or management style to each situation or person.

Thus, with this inventory of skills keys, the employees of tomorrow's company will be better equipped to deal with all professional situations requiring adaptation and flexibility.

So did you know?

Growth mindset: this is the mindset of someone who sees themselves as always growing skills.

Article written on the basis of the international work of institutions and ecosystems such as the World Economic Forum, the P21 (Partnership for 21st Century Learning) or the IFTF (Institute for the future).