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Being in charge of Human Resources in an organization involves various responsibilities. For example, you need to know how to always find the people with the best profiles. Psychometric tests are increasingly recommended for this purpose. If you are interested in psychometric tests, here is what you need to know about their use.

The Tests of skills

As a recruiter, it is only natural that you would want to evaluate the skills of different candidates. This is precisely what capacity tests are for. They are usually conducted according to the position to be filled. We particularly recommend Skill Value and Codingame for technical jobs.

Sales Assessment Test

For example, if you are looking for a sales consultant or a sales agent, you will need to evaluate applicants on their verbal skills through verbal comprehension or vocabulary tests. skills On the other hand, if you are looking for an engineer or a financier, you will have to evaluate the numerical skills of the candidates through tests that highlight numerous notions related to mathematics.

Administrative assessment tests

The assessments include a number of tests specifically designed for administrative personnel. Their role is to help the recruiter assess their ability to respond favorably and promptly in the performance of administrative tasks. Among these assessments, there is the alphanumeric data entry test for typists. It assesses their ability to use typing tools.

There is also the accounting and office software test, which assesses a candidate's ability to use Microsoft Office software, including Simply Accounting and Acomba. The administrative test assesses the ability of administrative staff to perform administrative tasks in order of priority.

Finally, the linguistic test is designed to evaluate the ability to write and respect grammatical and spelling rules. This assessment is also intended to evaluate the oral language skills.

‍Usethe personality tests

‍Duringa recruitment process, personality tests provide a much clearer picture of the applicants' true attitudes.


Among the most frequently performed tests is the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). Widely used throughout the world and particularly popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it allows us to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position, as well as his or her ability to integrate into a varied team.


The SOSIE test is designed to assess the degree of motivation and the different ways of behaving of the persons concerned. At the same time, their ability to adapt to their new work environment is also taken into account.


You can also decide to try the PAPI (Perception and Preference Inventory), which 10% of recruiters in France are used to using. Capable of lasting up to thirty minutes, it gives you an idea of how the candidate for the job might behave in a professional context.

The aptitude tests

‍Testsof this type are designed to determine the applicant's ability to master the skills that are deemed necessary for the position being filled. Typically, they may be a set of true/false questions or a Multiple Choice Questionnaire. They are designed specifically to assess and weigh the skill of the applicant against the position for which they are applying. More commonly, this type of test is submitted to future managers and presented in the form of a management basket. The management basket groups together all the tools used to evaluate the management abilities of a candidate for a management position. The goal is to assess the candidate's organizational skills, his or her ability to make decisions in different situations and his or her ability to implement an effective strategy.

‍Someclarifications and precautions

‍Generally, it is recommended for recruiters to have the psychometric tests done only after sorting through the resumes (CVs) and then contacting the candidates. It is important that the tests be conducted before the interviews. This allows us to gather information that is sometimes missing from the application files, but which can be of great importance during the interviews. In these cases, the interviews serve more particularly as a means of confirming the results obtained from the psychometric tests.

The results of these tests provide information for recruiting but also for evaluating skills during the employee's lifetime. Consider these elements as driving forces for the rise in skills. We recommend our page"Opportunities for the rise in skills".