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Since the 1980s, outplacement has appeared in France and promotes professional mobility. In the digital age, several platforms offer their digital outplacement services to companies.
As a Human Resources Director, you will have to convince the company and the unions to generate more collective outplacement missions. The choice of an outplacement platform must therefore be carefully considered.

The aim of this article is to guide you in this choice and to clarify the criteria to be taken into account!

Find out about outplacement platforms

Information is power. A platform that offers good services will make sure that the public and its potential clients have all the information they need. By visiting the platform, you can find out what it is all about and decide.
A good outplacement platform must put people at the heart of its activities. It must guarantee excellent career management for its clients. You can therefore read the testimonials and reviews left by those who have already dealt with the platform. This information is usually available directly on their website or social networks.

An example of a professional software comparison site is Capterra. On this site, each company builds an e-reputation. You have the opportunity to get a feel for the platform online and at your fingertips.

Outplacement platform equipment

In the age of digital technology, an outplacement platform must be equipped to match your ambitions. It all starts with the website, which must offer a pleasant user experience.
Does the website offer enough information about the platform's services? Does it answer users' questions quickly? Is it regularly updated? Does the platform come with a mobile application?

What tools should you integrate into your platform?

In order to make appropriate proposals to candidates, it is necessary for an outplacement firm to integrate several tools, namely reporting and steering tools and the skills assessment.

Reporting tools

Reporting is usually done in the case of collective outplacement for a single company.
For a long time, Excel has been a widely used tool for data processing. While it is convenient and relatively easy to use, its functionality is very limited.
With the evolution of technology, new computer programs are offered to human resources managers.
Aiming for a tool with advanced but affordable functionalities and allowing ultra-fast processing of collected data is essential.

Neobrain includes its own reporting tool within each of its solutions, here is an example of a dashboard available to HR teams:

loss reporting tool skills neobrain
Neobrain provides customized reporting tools such as risk of loss of skills

Steering tools

Just like a machine, a company needs certain tools to guide it to optimal performance.
In business, they allow decisions to be made on a solid foundation.
The outplacement platform must offer specific steering tools that are considered indispensable nowadays:

A quality action plan, a dashboard, an evaluation of successes and project management.

The balance sheet of skills

The assessment of skills, as its name indicates, is part of the French labor code and allows for the analysis of an employee's professional career and the study of his or her aspirations in order to help him or her set up an appropriate professional project or to confirm a training project. This is a very sensitive and important operation in the lives of employees. You must ensure that the outplacement platform you choose offers this service.

Cost of service:

Of course, whether you are looking for a group or individual service, you must be careful with your portfolio. Outplacement platforms are legion and basically offer similar services. However, prices are still not regulated, which gives service providers a certain amount of freedom...and which can mislead potential clients (you).
Do not choose the first platform you come across. Take the time to compare prices and make a quality-price ratio. This way, your choice will be well thought out and you won't throw your money away.

Compare outplacement platforms

It is essential to compare the different solutions available to you. You will need to consider (primarily but not only) the number of individual sessions with employees, the level of support, the agents available to support your employees...
The program must naturally include training. You can ask to see the modules developed to determine whether they meet your main expectation: to provide the best possible support for professional reintegration.

The experience of an outplacement platform

It is wise to choose a platform that has been around for some time. Several years of experience give you a lot of experience and, above all, expertise.
Moreover, if a solution has been able to survive over time, it is probably because its services are appreciated. It is therefore necessary to choose between the dynamism expected of a new company and the solid experience acquired by an older firm.

Choosing an outplacement platform: to summarize

Outplacement is now a well-established practice in the working world. Thanks to digital technology, outplacement firms are now presented as virtual platforms. Whether you are an executive, an employee, or a human resources manager, if you want to engage in an outplacement process, you must take into account very specific criteria that will allow you to offer your employees a career that matches their aspirations.
Curiosity and prudence must be the key words in your search. You must take into account the platform's equipment, its tools (reporting, piloting, assessment of skills), the platform's content, the cost of the service and the experience of the service provider who offers the solution.

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