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Recruitment is a complex process that requires the implementation of a certain number of preliminary measures. Companies looking for new recruits must master them in order to be sure of recruiting interesting profiles. Moreover, even if the entire recruitment process can be conducted internally, employers are increasingly inclined to seek the assistance of recruitment firms. Their role is perfectly in line with the search for profiles adapted to the type of need expressed. However, the mission of an outplacement firm goes far beyond simple recruitment to embrace a completely different process: job search or professional reorientation. Thus, in order to carry out its mission, the firm puts in place a number of tools. As a general rule, the main tools that come into play in an outsourcing process are: the skill assessment, the scorecard, the communication strategy and coaching.

The balance sheet of skill

The skill or career assessment is part of the management of skills. It is an approach taken by an employee or a person seeking employment. The law sets the terms and conditions for the implementation of the entire procedure and provides a framework for its effects. An outplacement firm is authorized to conduct such a process according to well-defined rules and methodology. It is a career development tool that allows the beneficiary to take stock of his or her professional development and allows the firm to focus its research in the context of the job search. In concrete terms, the goal of such an approach is to highlight the candidate's assets, to identify the appropriate sectors of activity for professional development, to determine coherent choices and to refine the search. To convince, testing tools can help you make the difference. But there are many publishers: ECPA, Central Test, Assessfirst...

The dashboard for HR firms

In order not to navigate blindly, you must have a dashboard. Through this tool, the outplacement firm has real statistics on a candidate and on his or her evolution. Thus, his or her performance is regularly recorded and updated, as well as the consultant's mission point. In concrete terms, it is a set of steering indicators in which data is presented in a comprehensive manner for subsequent analysis. This management tool allows the outplacement firm to quantify the service provided. The manager/consultant can therefore easily select data, perform various types of calculations, sort and group the results according to well-defined criteria and present them in a synthetic way so as to meet the client's expectations. In the context of the job search process, this activity appears very important. This activity is very important in the job search process, as it allows the firm to determine its own objectives, as well as the expectations of the client.

The communication strategy

This is a fairly common method for HR firms. Overall, it allows access to more collaborative platforms thanks to the development of technology. As the performance of an outplacement firm is evaluated according to its communication strategy, it must surround itself with consultants and shareholders who have a vast professional network. Thus, with the "sourcing" technique, it is simply a matter of selecting from a multitude of sites called "job boards", the offer that is adapted to the candidate's profile. In order to do this, it is generally sufficient to identify free advertisement sites (specialized or generalist), professional and non-professional social networks, as well as professional sites of large companies. In addition, other sources can also be exploited in order to maximize the chances of finding a job that matches the candidate's profile. These are: professional fairs, associations, etc. But consultants must also train their clients in digital culture. In the digital age, social networks and other professional websites are pools from which recruiters draw their resources. It is therefore up to the outplacement firm to offer the beneficiary tools geared towards optimizing the profile on social networks.


The professional transition period is a real challenge for both the employee and the outplacement firm. The consultant/coach has to find the resources to keep the employee in a positive frame of mind. The success of the outplacement procedure also depends on the candidate's mental state, so an outplacement procedure also includes a coaching or simulation approach, whereby the consultant prepares the candidate for a successful job interview. This approach is totally in line with a remobilization logic. Thus, the coach not only makes the candidate aware of his potential, but also of his limits. In the end, to carry out its strategy, a good HR firm has outplacement tools and coaching tools.