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Nowadays, all graduate schools have a digital Career Center. This tool has become indispensable for career management.

But how do you choose the right Career Center from the many offerings available? Here are the 5 elements:

  1. Total customization of the tool
  2. Its mobile dimension
  3. Its capacity to follow the evolutions regularly
  4. Using AI to understand user preferences
  5. Integration with the rest of the tools

A 100% customizable tool

‍Payparticular attention to this point. A service with extensive customization is essential in order to be able to manage your students' careers in great detail. From personality tests to individual interviews, a complete customization allows you to adapt the tool according to your specificities. In addition, some companies offer this service as a white label, which is a significant advantage. Students will be convinced that it is your school that has developed the tool and the mobile application, which will be beneficial for your reputation.

‍The mobile app for your digital Career Center

‍Mobileapp development represents a real lever for your school. In the digital age, it is imperative to offer a mobile app to capture the attention of your students. According to a 2018 OpinionWay study, young people spend an average of nearly 4 hours on their cell phones. Searchable anywhere, the app is much more convenient for young people who use it frequently compared to a computer-only app. If they want to see the offers, follow their progress, try different tests, it will be more intuitive for them to go through the mobile application, not to mention that they don't need to log back in each time by entering login and password.

‍A regular support

‍Itseems like a small detail, but tracking is very important when choosing a good digital Career Center. They are all different and have their own unique features. Regular follow-up is necessary, whether it is at the beginning when you get used to the tool or later on if a problem arises. It is therefore necessary to provide ongoing support to your teams, not to mention the addition of possible functionalities later on.

‍An innovative, high-tech digital Career Center

‍Manycompanies rely on new technologies to highlight their digital Career Center. Features can capture the attention of your students such as, in particular, the mapping of professions which consists in listing a large panel of professions on a map to give an overview to both the career advisor and the student. Also, the possibility of visualizing the different professions via a virtual reality headset will allow the student to see many professionals practicing their profession on a daily basis, as if they were in their shoes. This allows the student to get a concrete idea of the job that may interest him/her.

Integration into an existing HRIS environment

‍Manycompanies now offer digital Career Center offerings, each more different than the last. But they all have their own core business. A digital Career Center that is functional but has very few job or internship offerings will not be a good choice for your school. Other Career Centers have multiple offers from a variety of companies, sometimes even foreign companies, which is a great asset for your students. Good job postings for your students will help your school shine and attract more students.