Choosing an outplacement platform: 10 mistakes to avoid!

You need to be well prepared so that this transition does not end in failure. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing your outplacement platform.
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First introduced in France in the 1980s, outplacement enables senior executives with several years of experience (10 years on average) to bounce back on the job market after a redundancy or voluntary departure from their company. It can be individual or collective. In fact, around 60% of outplacement missions concern groups of employees of more than 1000 individuals. In any case, it is important that you are well informed and well prepared so that this transition does not end in failure. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing your outplacement platform or consultant.

1- Not having a career plan

Depending on your profile (senior manager with 5 to 15 years of experience), it is important that you have a clear idea of where you want to go from here. This is even more important if you are a middle manager. In fact, outplacement is increasingly being extended to more modest profiles (middle managers with less than 5 years' experience, for example).

2- Not negotiating the terms well

In general, your employer will pay the outplacement agency, even if there is no obligation to do so. The costs are generally estimated at between 15 and 20% of your gross annual salary. This explains the reluctance of many executives to use outplacement firms. Less than 5% use consultants.

3- Rushing to choose a platform

You have just lost a job. So you want to bounce back quickly. This is legitimate. However, don't rush. Take the time to discuss with several consultants in order to choose the one who best understands your aspirations and who will therefore be able to give you the best advice and guidance. It is best to choose an experienced consultant. This is the assurance that he or she has wide networks. This could be very beneficial to you.

4- Not mourning your dismissal

If you have had to seek out an outplacement consultant due to economic unemployment, you will have to turn that page in your life and open a new one. A new window of opportunity is opening for you.

5- Letting yourself be discouraged discouragement

Finding another job even with an experienced consultant can take months or even years. On average, eight out of ten executives find a job after less than 12 months. So you need to be patient.

6- Not developing a network

In general, after 5 to 10 years of experience, you have had time to develop a network. If this is not the case, you will have to work on this first project with your consultant. Do not hesitate to participate in the firm's activities, workshops or group events. These are ideal opportunities for networking. Also, you should know that the probability of finding a job thanks to a network is 70% at the age of under 40 and 90% at the age of over 55.

7- Not controlling your communication

You need to be eloquent. Practise making pitches (presenting yourself in no more than 2 minutes to a speaker or audience). Participating in group work will help you.

8- Not having a plan

It is important that you proceed in successive stages with objectives to be reached at each stage. Do not hesitate to celebrate the battles you win, even if they are small ones in your eyes. This will motivate you more.

9- Not doing a progress review

This event in your professional career is also the time to take stock. Do you want to continue in the same sector of activity or do you want to change to the job you have always dreamed of? Depending on your profile, discuss this with your consultant and take advantage of the opportunity to straighten out the situation if necessary.

10- Rely on headhunters

Even if many use them, it would be better if you have several strings to your bow. In short, using an outplacement platform is far from being an easy task. But with a good coach and a good method, it becomes easier.

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