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NEOBRAIN offers an application for Manager in times of crisis

Faced with the latest announcements by the President of the Republic, working methods are being profoundly questioned: teleworking, incomplete teams, short-time working, etc. The new working methods are also being called into question.
Managers are on the front line in deploying this new organisation.
Tension is mounting and is making their mission difficult and anxious.

Our commitment: to show solidarity by supporting employees and their companies in the management of human relations at work in this major crisis.

For this reason, the start-up offers to organizations from Thursday, March 19, an application "Manager in times of crisis".


stress reduction for your managers.


3 minutes

of daily activities to establish habits.



of the 21 days started are completed.

Application: competence gauges

Facilitate the organization of new ways of working

Help your managers to manage the organisation of teleworking and take into account the mixed situations of your employees on short-time working.

NEOBRAIN application

Help your managers to maintain the motivation of their teams

One action per day for 21 days to transform your new work organization into a habit.

Managerial Questionnaire
handling stress

Evaluate the stress of your managers

In 20 minutes, determine the overall stress level of your employees thanks to the e-Stress test based on the identification of 11 factors of stress at work.

NEOBRAIN application

Organize and streamline your communication in times of crisis

Give your managers the right tools and advice to make communication more fluid in times of crisis.


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