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Sage is the new 100% cloud ERP that supports SMEs and industrial SMEs in their digital transformation. Today, more than three million customers place their trust in the solution. The company is transforming the way people think and work, with a view to promoting the growth of their organisations. Every day, all over the world, more than 11,000 employees and local networks of accountants and partners support and encourage the success of entrepreneurs.

The identified issues

In 2021, Sage made a strong strategic move towards strengthening its SaaS position and transforming its Professional Services teams into partner management teams. Its HR transformation project, GEPPetto, aims to ensure that its employees develop the skills required to ensure the long-term future of its business. These skills change rapidly and frequently, and therefore Sage must be capable of anticipating their evolution in order to train its employees in critical skills. There are numerous challenges to face :

  • Creating the job and skills repository and keeping it up to date,
  • Enhancing the skills of your staff in the areas critical to the organisation,
  • Involving managers and employees as collaborative players within the transformation project, with a view to ensuring its success.

It was Neobrain's ability to meet all these needs on a digital platform that confirmed Sage's interest in this solution.

Our approach‍

Neobrain implemented its solution at Sage over a 7-month period, covering 1,500 employees (french subsidiary of Sage), and enhancing the company’s ability to anticipate its human resources strategic needs. 

As far as employees were concerned, Neobrain aimed to provide an engaging platform that allows them to play an active role in their careers. For managers and HR, Neobrain's goal was to enable Sage to facilitate the management and projection of skills, so as to meet imminent and future challenges and to make informed mobility choices at the company’s strategic nodes.


By the end of the solution's roll-out in early March 2022, 72% of Sage France employees had completed their skills self-assessment on the platform. 5 priority skills had been identified as requiring short-term development action. Training sessions on these skills had started immediately. As to user experience, employees and managers said they viewed the platform as an "intuitive solution" and as "an aid to development and mobility".

This module allows you to build and maintain an internal skills and jobs repository. Sage can thus import its positions, jobs, or roles. Neobrain's AI then automatically suggests the skills associated with each job or role. To do this, the platform draws on Sage's sector-specific monitoring centre, as well as on market trends. The HR department can then map the skills available very easily, based on a detailed analysis of the job descriptions and career paths of each employee.

With this module, Sage makes use of the Talent Marketplace solution to offer its employees greater visibility regarding internal opportunities. Each individual can easily see how they match up with the jobs on offer thanks to Neobrain technology, which combines the skills, aptitudes and experience that have been entered and validated. It's easier for employees to take charge of their own career paths, as they can quickly identify new opportunities. This approach, initiated by Sage, helps develop the skills and loyalty of its employees.

This module allows to match the skills declared by the employee and the Sage training catalog. The platform selects the most suitable training courses according to the declared levels of mastery vs. those required on the skills job cards. This module allows to propose to the employee the most relevant trainings to develop in his current position and in his career project.

The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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