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The customer context

Sage is the new 100% cloud ERP that supports small and medium-sized industrial companies in their digital transformation. Today, more than three million customers trust them. The company is transforming the way people think and work to support the growth of their organizations. Every day, around the world, more than 11,000 employees, as well as local networks of accountants and partners, support and promote the success of entrepreneurs.

The issue identified

In 2021, Sage has changed its strategic direction to strengthen its SaaS position and transform its Professional Services teams to the role of partner management. Its HR transformation project, "GEPPetto", seeks to ensure that its employees develop the skills necessary to sustain its business. However, these skills change quickly and frequently, so Sage must be able to anticipate their evolution in order to train its employees on the critical skills . The challenges are numerous:

  • Create and maintain the business repository and skills ,
  • Increase the number of employees on the critical nodes of the organization by skills ,
  • Get managers and employees to participate as "Collab'actors" in the transformation project to ensure its success.

It was Neobrain's ability to meet all these needs on a digital platform that confirmed Sage's interest in this solution.

Our approach‍

During 7 months and on a perimeter of 1500 employees (Sage France), Neobrain's objective is to implement its solution at Sage and to increase the anticipation capacity of human resources. 

On the employee side, Neobrain aims to provide an engaging platform that will make them actors of their career. For managers and HR, Neobrain will allow Sage to facilitate the management and projection of skills to meet imminent and future challenges as well as to make informed mobility choices at the strategic nodes of the company.

The results

At the end of the deployment of the solution at the beginning of March 2022, 72% of Sage France employees had completed their self-assessment of skills on the platform. 5 priority skills have been identified as requiring short-term development actions. Training sessions on these skills are already underway. Employees and managers see the platform as an "intuitive solution" and as "an aid to development and mobility".

This module allows you to build and maintain a repository of skills and internal jobs. Sage can import its positions, jobs or professions. Then, Neobrain's AI automatically suggests skills associated with each position or job. The platform relies on the observatory linked to Sage's sector of activity, but also on market trends. The HR department can then very easily map the skills available based on a precise analysis of the job descriptions and the career path of each employee.

With this Module, Sage benefits from the Talent Marketplace solution to offer its employees more visibility on internal opportunities. Each employee can easily visualize his or her suitability for the positions offered thanks to Neobrain technology, which combines skills, skills and experience that have been entered and validated. Employees become more easily involved in their career path by quickly detecting new opportunities. This approach, initiated by Sage, contributes to enhancing the value and loyalty of its employees.

This module allows to match the skills declared by the employee and the Sage training catalog. The platform selects the most suitable training courses according to the declared levels of mastery vs. those required on the skills job cards. This module allows to propose to the employee the most relevant trainings to develop in his current position and in his career project.

The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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