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Natixis wanted to give its employees increased autonomy, and to thus encourage their internal mobility towards jobs for which they are qualified. Neobrain's platform has allowed our employees to share their skills and better plan their future careers. Career paths have become more dynamic, and HR managers have been able to gain a clearer picture of how jobs are changing.
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Within the context of a banking sector undergoing major transformation, we were able to increase internal mobility by 50% with Neobrain, and this within just 8 months of deploying our platform.
Cristel Guillain
Head of HR Transformation & Talent. Natixis Group
Investment banking
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The identified issues

Through its “Jobs in Motion” project, Natixis aimed to implement a digital solution to meet its current and future HR challenges:

- Supporting employees in the face of the rapid transformation of their jobs, to ensure they acquire future skills.

- Incorporating the project as part of a Responsible Employer approach to individual career development for employees.</span>

- Anticipating the digital transition for HR players and providing an initial introduction to the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

- Offering the best possible user experience, in order to engage every player in the new Talent Marketplace.

Our approach

The success of this project depended on the support and tools provided to HR teams and managers. They could then assist their employees in this skills development process. Initially, Neobrain has been helping Natixis to map its available skills. To this end, assisted by AI, employees identified their skills and performed a self-assessment of their proficiency and motivation in each skill area. Following a reassessment of these skills by managers, Neobrain enabled Natixis to manage and plan skills to meet the company's strategic objectives.

‍The results

- 2,500 employees have benefited from the solution since its launch in 2021.

- 85% of employees logged on to the tool within 2 weeks.

- 50,000 new skills have been added.

- Internal mobility increased by almost 50%.

- 400 internal jobs had been filled through internal mobility as of February 2022.

Skills Maping : Natixis has populated its skills and job repository on the Neobrain platform. From this repository, the platform suggests personalised skills based on the experience filled in by the employee. These suggestions are linked to the nearest monitoring centres and to market trends. This module, which has been implemented at Natixis (and also with the majority of Neobrain's customers), is designed to avoid over-complication, with a system that identifies potential duplication and suggests emerging skills within a specific sector. This module will eventually be added to the skills and job descriptions.

Profile and job matching : Once the skills have been mapped and the profiles completed by each employee, the platform offers the employee suggestions for personalised job offers from among all the vacant positions being advertised in-house. This module meets the objective of promoting mobility gateways by making it easier for everyone to identify themselves when applying for internal job offers. The job offer suggestions are based on an algorithm, which has been defined and enriched thanks to the participation of the Neobrain & Natixis Data teams.

Career planner (job repository): Thanks to this module, Natixis can offer its employees the ability to plan their careers by discovering all the jobs available within Natixis through resources in the form of job cards: each employee can thus browse the jobs, the skills required and the compatibility of their profile with these jobs. Each job description bears a sticker indicating the level of compatibility with the profile of the employee viewing it. The Career planner module is a loyalty-building tool, enabling you to create one or more career plans to help you plan for the future.

Internal Recruitment: Natixis is making use of the “Talent marketplace” module, which grants recruiters access to a search engine for internal profiles. The aim? To unearth talents, so as to quickly identify profiles that can respond to Natixis' open internal mobility offers.

Profile and training matching : A first for Natixis, and thanks to the co-construction carried out with Neobrain, this module matches the employee’s declared skills with the Natixis training catalogue. The platform selects the most appropriate training courses based on the levels of proficiency declared vs. those required in terms of the skills requested in the job descriptions. Ultimately, this module allows us to offer employees the most relevant training to help them develop in their current job and in their career progression.

Continuous performance optimization: Utilizing regular assessment and recognition of skills and preferences translates to daily support for talent. With Neobrain, Natixis has streamlined its managerial practices, allowing for smoother monitoring of achievements.

People Review:  Career committees now benefit from automatically generated reports. Not only has the preparation time been reduced, but the identification of high potentials has become more objective.

The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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