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A joint project in which everyone contributes their ideas and learns from experts in their fields. We focus on the quality of life at work and a collaboration that gives meaning to all paths.
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Our mission

Joining Neobrain means making an impact on the careers of thousands of employees
‍around the world

Neobrain, using artificial intelligence, has created a technology to anticipate and facilitate strategic HR decisions. Thanks to its unique technology and its knowledge of the business, Neobrain limits the impact of the transformation of the business on the human being. Neobrain's mission is to give each individual a compass to help them manage their career in a rapidly changing world.

Major accounts such as Danone, SNCF, Total and AFPA have already placed their trust in us!

What if you were already a

Work from our different offices
We are based in Paris and Lisbon.
We also have a flexible telecommuting policy.
Join a close-knit international team
More than 15 nationalities are represented in the teams. Events and team buildings are organized to strengthen ties.
Become a shareholder
Employees can benefit from BSPCEs in order to establish a lasting relationship.
Join a company with the Great Place to Work label
We place the employee experience at the heart of our raison d'être and our strategy. We are certified since March 2021.
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Get involved
Our Charity Committee regularly organizes solidarity actions with associations.

Our values, our

Joining Neobrain means joining a company with a strong culture. Our culture is made up of our values, working principles and key behaviors!

‍OurValues: this is what we believe in.
are inspiring and should resonate with everyone's personal values. These are the values we share when we communicate who we are
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Leveraging each other's perspectives to achieve major accomplishments together.
Always strive to do the right thing, in line with our core values.
 Relying on each other and, through our actions and decisions, taking everyone's interests into account.
 Remain modest, accessible and understand that continuous improvement and growth are essential for every Neobrainer.
Take full responsibility for our actions, decisions and their consequences in our relentless quest for excellence.
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Our working principles, our

Our Working Principles: These are the rules of conduct that we use like a compass.
These working principles are our rules of conduct on which we never compromise. When evaluating a project or a team's effectiveness, we will always refer to these working principles as our guides.
Consistently achieve outstanding results through high standards of quality, professionalism and integrity.
Take full responsibility for our actions, decisions and results in every task, project or area of responsibility.
Putting the customer at the heart of all our activities, decisions and strategies;
Make strategic decisions, invest and act to create a solid base capable of withstanding any challenge!
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Neobrain is hiring, check our opened

In our offices in France, abroad but also from your home.
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Recruitment and
integration: FAQ

What are the recruitment steps?
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The recruitment process takes place in 3 phases: alignment, assessment of skills and culture-fit.

Alignment: if your application is selected, you will have an initial telephone conversation with a member of the HR team. The objective is to introduce each other, to learn more about your expectations and your career plan, and to see what we could bring to the table.

Evaluation of skills : you will discuss with your future manager about the position and the missions. The objective is to ensure that your experiences and skills will allow you to perform and flourish in the position.
After this interview, we will ask you to complete a practical case / technical test, which will then be evaluated and debriefed.

Culture-fit: two interviews are organized to ensure that you will fully integrate and flourish at Neobrain. You will be asked to complete a professional personality test, which will be debriefed during these exchanges.

The recruitment process takes an average of 3 weeks.
Under what conditions do the interviews take place?
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The first exchange with the recruiter is usually done by phone. Subsequent interviews can take place on site or by videoconference. Do not hesitate to test Google meet beforehand, to make sure you have a good connection, and of course to notifyus in case of unavailability or delay.

recruiter will be your reference contact during the whole process, to answer your questions, give you feedback, and give you visibility on the next step.
How to succeed in interviews?
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We encourage you to learn more about Neobrain, through our website, our Career page, our Welcome to the Jungle page, or on LinkedIn.

shine in an interview, we recommend that you draw parallels between your previous experiences and the position in question. Give concrete examples of challenges you have faced, actions implemented, figures...
purpose of the interviews is to assess your compatibility with the position and the company.

We are not here to trick you: just be yourself!
How do I prepare for my arrival at Neobrain?
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We will keep in touch with you regularly during your notice period.

We will ask you to send us some administrative documents to prepare your contract.

An email with practical information about your first days will be sent to you the week before your arrival.
How are the first days at Neobrain?
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Arrivals are usually on Monday. Whenever possible, we group several arrivals together on the same day, to form "promos ". The equipment is handed over on that day.

enable new Neobrainers to rise quickly to skills, a two-week onboarding course is set up, with online training on the "Neobrain Academy", meetings with a referent of each team, Q&A sessions etc. Regular reviews are also organized with the manager, and an integration meeting is planned with HR one month after arrival.

Every six months, an offsite is organized to celebrate new arrivals.

Our latest Neobrainers have rated their onboarding process as 4.8/5 on average.
Testimonial of an employee
All the discussions during the recruitment process were exciting. The onboarding was reassuring, and my entire team was extremely available.

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A wonderful mutual with Alan.
A volunteer program for associative actions.
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