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Manage your organization through skills

Discover, mobilize, and strategically plan your skills to optimize your talents' performance and engagement. Neobrain uniquely integrates all these solutions within an agile ecosystem.
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The right skill, in the right place, at the right time

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Map and deploy
evolution of performance
Increase individual performance
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Consistently retain your talent

For a dynamic skills' management

By 2030, 85% of the professions will be profoundly changed. As of now, new professional skills surface every day. This is why creating and managing a dynamic framework of jobs and skills should be an essential part of your Talent Management strategy.

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The right solution for all internal stakerholders

With Neobrain, place skills at the core of your HR strategy by providing your employees with a personalized experience that empowers them to take control of their own careers.
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The HR tool that gives meaning to my career

A tool that empowers your employees in their careers. Involve your employees by letting them express their motivations. Offer them training, projects and positions adapted to their preferences and to your needs in order to build their loyalty and make them perform well.

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Manager's home page with all the information on the skills of his employees

Intuitive team management

A personalized approach to employee management. Give managers the tool to identify talents, visualize skills and motivate their employees. Individualize talent development and provide personalized performance indicators.

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Neobrain reliable and customized dashboard

A partner for your HR strategy

Unlock the benefits of an intuitive solution featuring reliable and customized dashboards, tailored specifically for HR professionals. Take control of your performance review campaigns, proactively anticipate industry-specific skills and roles, and effortlessly align them with your organizational goals.

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A MobileFirst employee experience

A new way of interacting

In today’s workplace, the cell phone is revolutionizing interaction and collaboration. Elevate your HR strategy with our platform, instantly accessible on smartphones, ensuring every team member stays connected and engaged, regardless of their location or role. It's about effortless interaction and seamless collaboration, fostering a dynamic employee/manager duo for peak performance.  

Neobrain reliable and customized dashboard
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Build and animate your
Strategic Workforce Planning

mobile user interface experience and skills

The foundation for your talent planning

Experience the evolution of strategic workforce planning, where creating a multitude of business scenarios is effortless, empowering you to make informed decisions. HR has emerged as a strategic partner, providing precise quantitative insights to shape goals and priorities. With our SWP software, seamlessly integrate Excel files into the predictive engine, simplifying the process while unlocking powerful outcomes. Neobrain embraces this evolution by empowering skill recognition, tailoring training to target competencies, and enhancing internal mobility. Fuel your business performance and HR Strategy by harnessing external data sources that predict and cultivate future skills within your organisation.

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To each issue, its

Our Talent Management ecosystem addresses all your HR challenges.
AI Skills Management
AI Skills Management
Drive your organization through skill
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Talent Marketplace
Talent Marketplace
Make it easy for talents to find internal opportunities
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Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategic Workforce Planning
Maximize the strategic allocation of your resources
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Performance & Engagement
Performance & Engagement
Continuously optimize Performance & Engagement
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Our award-winning
Talent Management Solution

Neobrain has won numerous awards for its innovative and proven talent management process.
1st AI HR startup.
Manpower Group
Winner of the
Manpower Award
Selected as one of the 10 most promising HR Tech startups in Europe
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High Performer Fall 2024
in 4 categories
(Talent intelligence & Marketplace, Skills & Career Management).

Our platform integrates with your

HR Information System
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To ensure that our Talent Management solution fits seamlessly into your organization, we have developed integrations with your existing HRIS. Discover our Marketplace.
Neobrain integrates with the main HRIS

An AI designed for
‍bold HR professionals

The HR policy boost you needed

Combining HR and artificial intelligence helps ensure a good allocation of talent within the company. Thanks to Neobrain's AI, you can capture, value and leverage all existing skills and easily blend them to your HR processes. Break away from traditional career paths by revealing hidden skills. Bring talents and internal opportunities together with the help of a powerful matching engine. Our solution ecosystem provides a high quality user experience that enhances the depth and reliability of your HR data. Making the right decision has never been easier.

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network of intelligence delivered by AI
White Paper Ensuring the success of your Talent marketplace
White Paper
Performance Management: 3 winning strategies.
81% of HR managers are implementing major changes in performance management. Companies are moving too fast to maintain a single annual performance review, and dialogue is becoming continuous: assessment, listening, development. How can this major change be achieved?
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Talent Management
What are diversified Career Paths?
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The right skill, in the right place, at the right time.
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