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Customer context

Amicio's human values led the company to reflect on the impact that each of its 360° decisions could have on its environment and to make the collective decision to become a mission-based company in early 2022.

The identified problem

Amicio integrates AI in the customer journey, this evolution leads the company to accompany the employees in their portfolios of skills. The challenge for the SME is therefore to provide the appropriate training and to ensure the alignment of each person's skills with the company's ambitions.

In the Amicio project, the following modules were deployed:

This module allows you to build and maintain a repository of skills and internal jobs. Amicio can import its positions, jobs or professions. Then, Neobrain's AI automatically suggests skills associated with each position or job. The platform relies on the observatory linked to Amicio's sector of activity and also on market trends. The HR department can then easily map the available skills based on a precise analysis of the job descriptions and the career path of each employee.

With this Module, Amicio benefits from the Talent Marketplace solution to offer more visibility to its employees on internal opportunities. Each employee can easily visualize his or her suitability for the positions offered thanks to the Neobrain technology, which combines skills, skills and experience that have been entered and validated. Employees become more easily involved in their career path by quickly detecting new opportunities. This approach initiated by Amicio contributes to the development and loyalty of its employees.

Within this module, Amicio relies on the Interview and Performance Objectives solution to create interview campaigns and facilitate the follow-up of objectives between managers and employees. The data is then consolidated and transmitted to the HR department to effectively support each employee. To support its HR strategy, Amicio also provides detailed and intuitive reports that are fully customized to the company's needs. This allows for a precise evaluation of the performance and relevance of the HR actions undertaken.

The right skill, at the right place, at the right time.

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