Neobrain integration
Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra

1/ Training Orchestra, in a few words

The Training Orchestra training management solution meets the unique needs of more than 600 customers worldwide. The platform is adapted to the needs of various training stakeholders to enable them to gain visibility, reliability, efficiency and performance.

2/ Why choose Training Orchestra

  • Plan and manage resources efficiently.
  • Optimize budgets and ensure better cost management.
  • Benefit from advanced reporting and analysis tools.
  • Optimize resources while increasing productivity.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

Neobrain's integration with the Training Orchestra platform simplifies the translation of the training catalog into skills. With a data-driven approach, it fosters engagement by offering training tailored to the needs of skills employees. Neobrain helps HR to prioritize training investments. Managers have tools to identify employees who need to reinforce their skills with targeted training.

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