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1/ SmartRecruiters, in a few words

SmartRecruiters is an online recruitment platform that helps you attract, manage and hire quality talent. It offers sourcing tools, application tracking, collaboration with internal teams and analysis features to improve your recruitment processes. SmartRecruiters also provides job posting, application and interview management.

2/ Why choose SmartRecruiters

  • Benefit from an integrated platform to manage all aspects of your recruitment process, from job posting to final hiring. This will allow you to save time and efficiency by centralizing your recruitment process.
  • Provide advanced search and sorting tools to identify the most qualified candidates for each position.
  • Benefit from real-time communication tools to facilitate collaboration between recruiters and candidates.
  • Track the performance of your recruitment process with integrated reporting and analysis tools.
  • Offer customization options to fit your company's specific needs.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

Integration with SmartRecruiters helps streamline the internal mobility process by creating perfect matches between their skills and aspirations and the job opportunities available internally. HR teams can easily discover the most relevant talent to meet their internal needs.

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