1/ Pitchboy, in a few words

PITCHBOY is the first tool for creating conversational experiences. These experiences, based on voice recognition, immerse the end user in a realistic environment in which he/she carries on a natural conversation with a recorded interlocutor (video or voice). The user speaks naturally, the AI understands, analyzes and sends back the appropriate answer. Design these experiences on your own via our no-code creation tool, or use our Studio.

2/ Why choose Pitchboy

Today, companies are struggling to attract talent, train employees to adopt the right posture, and deploy training on a large scale. There was no efficient, fast and economical way for companies to find or create immersive experiences that fit their needs:- time consuming to produce- custom (expensive and not reusable)- no editor with a voice interface

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

The Neobrain L&D platform integrates content using PITCHBOY speech recognition technology. This integration allows learners to develop their skills in a safe and effective environment by practicing real-life business situations.

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