1/ Personio, in a few words

Personio offers an HR management platform for small and medium-sized companies. It offers a complete range of functionalities to manage your employees, payroll, benefits, leave and absences, talent management, etc. Personio's goal is to help you automate and simplify your HR processes so that you can focus on developing your business and your employees.

2/ Why choose Personio

  • Simplify and automate your administrative processes so you can spend more time on human relations and business development.
  • Easily use a platform tailored to the needs of SMBs with an intuitive interface and dedicated customer support.
  • Centralize all of your employee data in one place for easy decision making and workforce management.
  • Choose a scalable platform that can adapt to your changing needs and grow with your business.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

Neobrain allows to complete the Personio offer with a talent and management module skills. Neobrain relies on the employee and organizational data of Personio. The objective of this integration is to facilitate the flow between Personio and Neobrain. This integration automates the creation of users. This means that the HR will not need to create, update or delete users in Personio AND Neobrain, he will only need to do it in the Personio tool.

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