1/ Edflex, in a few words

Edflex is a SaaS solution that adapts to the way employees learn on a daily basis. Corporate training is undergoing a revolution thanks to the mass of quality open source content. Today, Google is the first thing employees think of when they need to learn. Our experts qualify more than 50,000 online resources (videos, podcasts, e-learning courses, etc.), covering 230 skills which we use to select only the resources relevant to your needs.

2/ Why choose Edflex

Our approach is simple: respond to each learner's profile with a flexible content catalog in... - The format: Podcast, video, courses, webinars - The duration: From a 5-minute article to a 20-minute course - The consultation: Computer and mobile friendly - In the level: From acculturation to expert deepening - The languages: 7 native languages. - Themes: skills general and more specific.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

Edflex provides the content for the development of skills identified by Neobrain.

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