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1/ CrossKnowledge, in a few words

CrossKnowledge offers online training on a variety of topics to help professionals learn new skills and strengthen their performance. The platform offers a variety of content, such as online courses, videos and webinars.

2/ Why choose CrossKnowledge

  • Give your employees the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a personalized learning environment, anywhere, anytime.
  • Take advantage of programs that meet the needs of today's professionals and cover a variety of relevant topics, such as leadership, management, skills technical, communication and marketing.
  • Provide fun, easy-to-use courses that allow your employees to track their progress, get feedback and interact with other learners.
  • Easily track your employees' progress and identify areas where they need help to boost their performance.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

By combining training and skills, your employees can follow professional development paths tailored to their individual needs. The Crossknowledge training catalog is integrated directly into Neobrain, allowing you to effectively match the needs of your talent to skills .

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