1/ CodinGame, in a few words

With CodinGame, you can easily evaluate the skills of your developers. You get a reliable and objective overview of skills. With the test reports, HR and managers can make the best decisions.

2/ Why choose CodinGame

  • Use objective data to evaluate skills technical developers.
  • Discover new technical skills.
  • Save time to meet only the best profiles.
  • Challenge employees with motivating tests and game-based code exercises.
  • Create reliable programming tests without special knowledge.

3/ What are the functional complementarities with Neobrain

Neobrain allows each employee to assess his or her level of mastery and motivation on skills technical and soft skills. By completing this evaluation system with technical tests, HR and Managers benefit from a 360° view of skills real talents, especially in specific areas. All data is fed back into Neobrain and can be shared with each talent.

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