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Managing human resources within your company undeniably gives you a central place in the organization of work. skills The responsibility of encouraging the development of your employees in a context of continuous evolution of the work environment is one of the most strategic aspects of the HRD role. How to combine responsibilities and pressure at work? How to better distribute tasks? Here are some tips to help you meet the challenge:

Define the organizational issues

Before being able to efficiently distribute tasks, it is essential that the manager highlights the stakes of a given action or project. This is one way among others to create support and increase motivation within a team. For example, when implementing the (N)ominative (S)ocial (D)ecordation, the payroll manager will have to explain how this change in payroll management will simplify the process and ultimately reduce the risk of errors and disputes with the administration, just as it will increase the employability of the payroll department's employees, while providing them with the opportunity to receive training on this subject, if necessary.

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Opt for a horizontal and participative management

As a manager, it is essential that you are on the ground. You can't just manage a team from a distance. The risk is that you will not have an overall view of the team and of each person's skills . In addition, a good knowledge of your employees is often essential to be able to solicit each one according to his or her skills, or even his or her appetite to acquire new ones. Finally, thinking about the management style appropriate to the company culture and to the team is a reflex that we recommend. Participative Management" and "Green Management" are among the levers that can be used to meet the modern challenges of managers .

Encourage team spirit and cohesion

Leading a team implies, in addition to a good knowledge of each person's scope of action, knowing how to demonstrate emotional intelligence. You will need to be able to encourage and motivate everyone by adopting an effective management style that allows you toachieve the objectives you have set.

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Establish a clear and coherent organization

The organization and distribution of work must be as transparent as possible in order not to create stressful situations for the various employees. In the same way, management must be strategic and flexible at the same time to adapt to the constraints encountered and to achieve the objectives set. In addition to the skills organizational skills that management must demonstrate, it is often very relevant to set up and run a weekly follow-up meeting to ensure that objectives are being met, that they are feasible and even that they are relevant...

Want to know the level of motivation of your team? Based on Harvard research here is a free test:"Test your team health".

Promote actions to improve the quality of life at work

For several years now, the question of quality of life at work has become a real issue. Indeed, beyond the question of absenteeism which can result from a lack of well-being at work, a better distribution of tasks and responsibilities has a great influence on the quality of life at work and the stress level of the various employees. From now on, training courses focused on this type of problem are in vogue and allow managers to improve their leadership skills.

In the same way, a growing number of companies no longer hesitate to call on the services of Chief Happiness Officers (CHO), in other words happiness managers. Their role is to ensure that the employee's day runs smoothly by listening to the daily problems that employees may encounter. The goal is to allow each employee to focus on his or her core business and improve the company's overall performance. For example, the CHO will make sure that everything is in place in the meeting room to facilitate the smooth running of an important meeting: computer cables, blackboard or overhead projector in working order, bottles of water, etc.

Thus, task management is a key issue in a company to ensure its smooth operation and allow employees to have a clear vision of their work. This will allow the release of potential pressure or stress linked to the lack of clarity in the organization of work.

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