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The role of the HR consultant is crucial for the company, it is thanks to him that the company's strategy can be implemented through a group cohesion that is essential. Digital HR represents a turnover of 4 billion euros in France, the tools are numerous: what are the 4 essential tools for an HR manager?

A reporting tool

‍Thenumbers are essential information for the HR manager since they allow him to adapt his strategy accordingly. Thanks to the multiple data such as the absenteeism rate in the company, the overtime rate or even the turnover rate, the HR will be able to analyze these data and take the appropriate decisions to correct them.

‍Abudget tracking tool

‍Thebudgetary dimension is an important concept for HR with regard to the personnel budget. It is imperative that this budget be monitored on an ongoing basis. Annual bonuses, gross salaries, insurance, meal vouchers, everything must be accounted for, estimated and tracked. A budgeting application is essential as it will automatically calculate certain data and establish complete and accurate simulations.

‍Salary management

‍Salarymanagement represents a time-consuming and laborious task that every good HR needs to tackle. In the same way as for the budget, an automated application will allow to simplify and follow in detail the salary management of employees. This type of application, frequently used in HR, works by modules that can be added, removed and completed.

‍Arecruitment software

‍Nosurprise, recruitment is a crucial point for all companies. A true pillar of a company's strategy, recruitment must be monitored by a tool or software to be optimal. From the elaboration of CV sheets for each candidate to their collaborative evaluation through the creation of workflows, recruitment software has become essential for HR today and allows to reinforce the competitiveness of the company.

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