Who are we?

A passionate team of developers, data scientists, UX designers and
HR experts.

Our operation, centered on the human

We are convinced that digital can help humanize human resources by automating time-consuming tasks (reporting, etc.).
We put the user at the centre of our developments. This is why we have chosen to adapt all our tools to mobile applications. We use millions of collected data to enrich our solutions.

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Our mission is to give each individual a compass to manage his or her career in a changing world. Artificial Intelligence (or Augmented Intelligence) can respond to a major challenge in large organizations: individualizing the relationship with each employee. The 'one size fits all' approach no longer meets the development needs of employees, a new era is beginning: that of continuous transformation.
"52% of the Fortune 500 has disappeared in 20 years. The ability of companies to transform themselves is becoming the major asset to guarantee their sustainability. It starts by transforming the women and men in the organization."
Harvard Business School

Our founding values

We founded NEOBRAIN around 6 important values, both for our customers and our teams:
- Go for the extra mile
- Scale up
- Humbleness
- Doubt!
- Usefulness / Proudness
- Expert

Jeremy Gleaming
Neobrain CTO

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