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Amplify and boost internal mobility across the board

Break down silos and fluidize internal or external mobility.
You free up potential by assessing and supporting the development of employees' employability.
Business matching tool, internal mobility
Competency Mapping
break down silos


Internal cross-functional mobility (between business divisions)



Average satisfaction of employees supported in their internal mobility


2.6 months

Average duration of support for internal mobility

Internal mobility path
drive a dynamic

Creation of mobility paths to set in motion, one step at a time

A daily action to be inspired, to strengthen one's employability, to build up one's internal network, to identify the professions that correspond to me.

HRIS employee profile
increased support

Facilitate individual and collective support

You centralize all the information of the employee in one place (skills, aspirations, tests, etc.).
You can enrich collective support (mobility workshops, etc.).

Talent and Skills Marketplace
get the managers on board

Easily identify employees who fit the job description

With our ProfileMatcher®, you know who is competent and motivated enough to fulfill your mission.


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