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Reliability and collection of employee profile data

"Who has ever worked in the automobile industry", "Who has been in a shipyard", "Who has mastered a specific skill or knows the required sector of activity?
Our "Employee Data" solution facilitates the collection of information and the elaboration of an exhaustive profile in less than 10 minutes, on a computer or smartphone, and allows teams to be staffed quickly and securely.

15 minutes

In 3 minutes a day for 5 days, you build a complete and reliable profile.



A third of our users are far from digital or do not have a screen at their workstation.



more structured information collected (diplomas, types of courses, certificates, etc.)

Simple & Powerful

Synchronize your Linkedin profile

In 30 seconds, your Linkedin profile is synchronized and your profile is set up.

Simple & Powerful

Extraction from a CV

We build your profile from any document format: pdf, excel, word, etc.

Simple & Powerful

By synchronizing existing internal sources (HRIS, etc.)

With our pre-built connectors, we synchronize internal data: annual maintenance, training courses, DSN, etc.


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