Engaging talent towards your performance goals

Offer personalized careers aligned with your strategic challenges. Our talent management tool facilitates the identification, development and commitment of your teams. Create a managerial culture focused on active and sustainable talent management.
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A Platform that contributes to
talent retention

  • Goal tracking facilitated by daily updated reports verifying key employee goals and results.
  • Increased visibility of objectives and completion levels for all participants: HR managers, managers and employees.
  • A simplified analysis of collective and individual results over a selected period.
  • A review of the objectives during an interview campaign or over time to feed the ongoing exchange.
  • Accelerated identification of talent and monitoring of the implementation of conditions conducive to development. Increased visibility on the evolution of skills and the careers of employees.
  • Complete freedom to create career committee templates to fit the needs of your organization. The choice is yours: start with a template or customize everything.
  • Anticipation of the replacements to be made thanks to the succession plans.
  • The ability to create your own positioning matrices (example: 9 Box matrix, or "Starting risk" x "Performance level", etc.)
  • A fine detection of profiles thanks to the artificial intelligence developed by Neobrain (89% correct detection compared to an expert evaluation).
  • Numerous detection criteria were taken into account based on data recorded over several years and in several sectors.
  • A stimulating career path in the evolution of employees towards a position of responsibility.
  • Ability to integrate feedback from multiple players in the development of talent.
  • An objectification of "subjective" evaluations such as values or behaviors (soft skills).
  • A possibility to evaluate managers thanks to the managerial feedback: each manager is evaluated by his N-1 to identify his strengths and areas for improvement.
  • A possible integration of the feedback results in the interview framework (annual, etc.) in order to carry out a debriefing at that moment.
  • Extreme customization of the feedback process with the ability to create calculated fields (e.g. a set of responses can be aggregated into an indicator).
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How to reenchant your
Talent Management

Define the criteria for detecting talent. Analyze existing HR tools and consolidate their consistency.
Create customised frameworks for the various individual interviews. Structure HR indicators based on available and future data.
Deploy your Talent Management module within your HRIS. Support the launch and communication of the first evaluation campaigns (interviews, people reviews, etc.)
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