Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources

Deliver an unparalleled user experience with Neobrain technology.
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Anchor the use of your HR tool with AI in the long term

The quality of the user experience is central to the adoption of an HRIS. Neobrain's AI facilitates the use of your HR software in the daily life of each HR actor:

  • Employees: Personalization of career paths, suggestions for internal opportunities and training.
  • Managers: Individualize relations with your employees and their preferences, thanks toActive Learning*.
  • Human Resources: Automatic generation of nomenclatures, centralization of indicators for better decisions.

On average 88% of our users use the Neobrain platform twice a month.

* Machine learning model 4 times more powerful than traditional Machine Learning.

Revealing the invisible

Our semantic analysis engine detects, structures and values each skill of the organization.

Don't limit yourself to self-reporting employees' skills . Capture the full richness of their skills implied with our multilingual semantic analyzer.

Structure your talent management foundation in a consistent manner with our automatic generation engine skills and a consistency check of the created repositories.

Your talent management is continuously fed by the emerging skills in your environment.

How does our Artificial Intelligence bring to light the skills ?

Neobrain's AI data sources to feed its modules

Based on a proven skills Ontology:

72,000 skills and 26,000 jobs are analyzed daily using natural language processing. This methodology for exploiting and formalizing your HR data divides by 4 the time needed to create job references and skills.

Our semantic analysis engine understands industry and business specifics, so the relevance of your talent management tool recommendations is contextualized to your unique reality.

Thus, Neobrain's artificial intelligence is a valuable ally in the construction of your skills management base: on average, it divides by 4 the work time required to create your repositories.

Quickly create your repository of skills adapted to your sector with the NeobrainDataModel©.

  • Illustration of the creation of repositories of skills with an engineering company 1500 people.
Analysis, detection and selection of skills with neobrain AI

Uniting talents and opportunities

Formatted career paths have reached their limits. Combining skills and skills fuels the creation of varied and more engaging career paths. Our matching engine at skills has several quickly visible benefits:

  • aligning talent with organizational needs;
  • the best allocation of resources with projects ;
  • talent retention;
  • employee mobility and development.

Your matching engine is built together to adapt to your culture, your processes, your ethical concerns.

Combining Artificial Intelligence and HR

The HR and AI pairing is justified by the desire to know and support employees in their performance and that of the company. Data Science and Machine Learning are used to analyze large-scale data within the company.

In a context of accelerated HR transformation, the real-time suggestions and recommendations of AI form a decision support tool in the hands of all HR actors.

Our solution learns over time, we integrate user feedback to give you the best experience.

Aligning the organization to future developments

Comparing skills and internal jobs with those of the business sector concerned is a guarantee of performance. Our AI reinforces the alignment of skills with the company's challenges in three dimensions:

  • allocation of resources adapted to the company's projects;
  • anticipation of the skills keys for future professions;
  • the detection of losses of skills to ensure their transmission.

Continuously adapt your company's assets with its environment by using Neobrain's technology.

Strengthen the management of your HR data

Big Data and AI work together to build your HR analytics: indicators, dashboards, personalized balanced scorecard. 

Neobrain connects the data sources of your current HR solutions and creates reports adapted to your needs. Leveraging your HR data to extract trends and weak signals is made possible by Natural Language Processing techniques like BERT.

Neobrain in the HR application ecosystem

illustration of HRIS ecosystem and integration

The Neobrain Talent Management platform integrates with existing HR software to ensure consistency across your HRIS, and to ensure that every user is on board.