For sectors, branches or regions

Map available skills and the gap with business expectations

With the analysis of the profiles and routes on the territories, NEOBRAIN produces a mapping of the available skills.

66'000 skills

Our ontology is composed of 66k technical and behavioural skills, structured on 4 levels.


250M profiles

Our technology is based on the analysis of more than 250 million profiles worldwide.


304k training

With the analysis of 304k trainings, we identify the skills not covered.


An intuitive interface to create your competency profile

Facilitate structured data collection on available skills with a simple and intuitive interface (3 minutes per day for 5 days).


A dynamic analysis of available skills

View in real time the skills available by employment pool.


Anticipate new training needs with the skills at risk

With the SkillsMap® you identify critical and penuric skills. The system maps the training offer of the territory and indicates the skills not covered by the current offer.


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