For schools and universities

Deploy your own
digital Career Center

A mobile application, in your colors, that connects your students to the right companies.
market access

54 million offers

internship, work-study, apprenticeship or first job.

offer international

50 countries

available to your students for their internships or 1st job abroad.

predictive hiring

250'000 companies

who are recruiting, without having placed an ad (hidden market).

List of internal events
quickly transform your leads

A powerful tool at JPOs and trade shows

A real argument for students, your mobile application is a way to make the connection to the job market tangible.

job dating

Gaming your recruitment events

The tool generates a playful path to facilitate the meeting between the student and the recruiter. Using your mobile application, the recruiter can flash the student's code and find a summary of his profile in 5 seconds.

partner businesses

Privileged management of partner companies

Your partner companies can post their ads in one click from your space or their recruitment tools.


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