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e-Portfolio: strengthen the employability and the project of your students

The e-Portfolio allows students to formalise their professional project, to take ownership of their achievements and skills and to centralise all their "Career" tools. For your teaching teams, the e-Portfolio facilitates a global follow-up of your students' involvement and guarantees a better integration.


of students recommend the e-Portfolio.


7 out of 10 parents

See the e-Portfolio as a positive approach that plays a role in the choice of institution.


+15'000 students

use the e-Portfolio to take ownership of their professional project.


An Assessment Center to get to know each other better

The Digital Portfolio is a way to discover your strengths, motivational levers and predispositions to easily develop certain soft skills. Psychometric tests, knowledge quizzes, role-playing with the help of Serious Games.

own its achievements

A way to take ownership and then promote your achievements and skills

The student is guided in the formalization of his achievements. Our AI will automatically suggest 3 to 4 key skills developed. The student will thus be able to illustrate his assets by convincing achievements that will contribute to convince a future employer.

cohort management

Facilitate the individual and collective support of your students

Event management, syllabus, appointment scheduling, integrated videoconferencing, sending SMS and emails, etc. Find all the cohort management tools in one place.


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